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Neither one is better than the other, it's all preference/opinion. If you want mine though, fuck plastics, hard in the ass. Why would I want shitty plastic pegs that need replaced every so often when hardly grinded when I could just ride metal pegs that ... more »

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The BB is a Mid, but the size of the Mid BB you need depends on what cranks you get. If the spindle is 19mm, you need a Mid 19mm. If it's 22mm, you need a Mid 22mm BB, and if it's a 24mm spindle, you need a Mid 24mm BB which usually comes with the cranks ... more »

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Get some of these fuckers I think they're 5" long haha We have a set of black ones at the shop and I thought about buying them before just because of how long they are.

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I ride with Triple 8 shin whip guards, I like them. As for ankle idk. Are you looking for an ankle guard or brace or what? Cause I have an ACE ankle supporter/stabilizer I got at Wal-Mart and it does its job nicely.

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I've always ridden metal pegs and I always will. Fuck plastic pegs, and fuck the people who are gonna get in this thread and get all butthurt about me saying fuck plastics. Bonedeth & G-Sport Van pegs are fairly close to 4.3" at 4.25" and Fit OG ... more »

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Has everyone bashing Cinema ever even ridden a Cinema part or are they just bandwagoning cause they heard about some of their parts not being that great? Genuinely curious. Looks like he's switching to Animal though along with Federal

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You might be able to swap them. The Kink uses an Odyssey style axle and I know the United wheels off of the United build kits use an Odyssey style axle as well, but I have no idea if the axle from your United wheel is the same thing. It probably is, ... more »

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I'm almost certain it's stock, my best guess given the serial number is a 2011 Cult CC1 because I have the same frame sitting in my room from someone and the serial number is AT11025801 which is pretty similar to yours. Email Cult with your number and ... more »

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So I largely prefer the look and layout of the full/desktop site on my phone (iPhone 6 on Safari) so I always just go to the full site and it would always work and stay on the full site for at least a week whenever I'd click on it. But lately whenever ... more »

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"Hey guys just bought some second hand bike of a sketchy guy in a skate park parking lot" oh god. hopefully it isn't stolen. To my knowledge, all of Cult's aftermarket frames, even the older ones, all had removable brake mounts so I'm betting it's stock. ... more »

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Can you 360 flyout? If not, try those to get the feel for them but a flat 360 is a trick unlike most any others, I think. Carve a little bit before you try one, start the spin and look over your shoulder while you do so, and try to tuck your back end ... more »

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I think it's stupid to have a "signature headset" because what about it makes it his signature part? I mean yeah it's tall and removes the need for spacers, but that's almost every headset nowadays. I guess you can't really do much with a headset though ... more »

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Too many times to count... When I land a clean trick that feels badass I'll be pumped as hell on it, like my downside whip line from the other week really pumped me up. Other times it'll just be riding with a group of really chill people and everyone's ... more »

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I find this offensive please remove your comment from the internet because I, a single person, find it offensive and even though others like or don't mind it, it needs to be removed so no one else enjoys something that offends me! -Everyone in 2015. ... more »

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Well... I was going to say it should since they're both Fit, but the 2.4" size FAF tires weren't around when Hawk was still on Fit I don't think. I know the 2.25"s are and their inflated width according to Danscomp is 2.36" while the 2.4" tires are 2.44", ... more »

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Riding it when it's really out of true can damage the rim if it's real bad... So I'd advise against it unless it's already pretty beat up. Most out of true wheel I'd ridden would be either my stock rear Haro wheel or my first custom, Poverty cassette ... more »

Added reply in a thread will my stickers peel off 10/3/2015 2:55 PM

If they're the factory ones, they should stay on aside from the edges that are peeling. What I do when I wanna keep the sticker but don't want that edge to keep peeling is just take a razor and slice that edge off. Cleaning it should be fine as long ... more »

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Those are caliper brakes, they mount to the seat stay bridge if there's a hole pre-drilled for it... If your frame doesn't have that, then they won't fit

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Stickers I would say no. I've been given stickers multiple times, I would call that "being hooked up with free stickers" Being sent care packages with small parts or clothing along with stickers, that I would classify as sponsored but not pro/am/flow. ... more »

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What frame? It could have a warranty that's why I ask. I would say save up for a Sunday but you need a frame asap so try seeing if anyone in the for sale section has a decent frame for sale or anyone you know, it's a long shot for something good for ... more »