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Reply to Odyssey Parts herrr a durrrr 2/21/2017 12:05 AM

48 spline cranks develop wiggle so thunderbolts , they're superior

Reply to whats with tennis balls in spokes. sorry if im late but ya,wtf?? 2/20/2017 7:17 PM

did it take you nearly 7 years to type this?

Reply to Squeaky noise from headset 2/19/2017 5:29 PM

could be a couple things make sure you didn't over tighten it for one grease the bearings seats in the frame as well lastly, your headtube could be ovalized. one of my old frames squeaked like that cause the headtube was ovalized

Reply to Goofy Footed 2/17/2017 8:24 PM

I'm as fuck footed as you are, welcome to hell. It is a bit harder to learn stuff depending how badly you're fuck footed though. For instance, I do goofy footed whips too and it took me FOREVER to learn them. We do get an advantage though, I think it ... more »

Reply to Help identifying some extras 2/16/2017 11:09 PM

Zip tie is for zip tying your brake cable to the frame for a clean look. Rubber strip is for fitting the reflector to your handle bar (Or seat post) better. And those 2 little aluminum things are cable ends for your brake cable & straddle cable. ... more »

Reply to New edit is up! "Street Goes Park" 2/16/2017 9:30 PM

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it. But yeah same, I like some older rap but 99% of newer rap music just makes my ears want to bleed haha

Reply to New edit is up! "Street Goes Park" 2/15/2017 5:00 PM

Thanks, yeah Garrett's a madman when it comes to barspin & oppo barspins And yeah rock just didn't seem like it'd flow for this video, and 99% of rap music sounds like garbage to me, then I stumbled on this song and it just seemed to go well with ... more »

Reply to BSD 14 MM HUB 2/15/2017 1:36 PM

Mine's crosslaced. G-Sport Ribcage, the center of the rim dips down just a tiny bit. But it still varies a lot. My oldddd front wheel used 190mms so he definitely needs to hit up Empire or take it to a shop haha

Reply to BSD 14 MM HUB 2/14/2017 5:43 PM

My front uses 188mm, so not always. It depends heavily on the rim (and how many crosses you do too)

Reply to Hairspray slippery 2/14/2017 5:42 PM

from Google. I've used it in a pinch before when the air compressor at the shop broke. It works great but I had to use pliers to yank them out though, but not a big deal.

my preferred method is with an air compressor. The owner of the bike ... more »
Reply to Coming back after 2 years chronic back pain 2/12/2017 9:51 PM

Stretching can most certainly make things worse. If I do the cobra stretch and completely relax my lower back, it irritates the fuck out of it and actually does more harm than good. So there's definitely some that can make it worse. Same with riding ... more »

Reply to Odyssey Thunderbolt vs Merritt Battle Cranks? 170 vs 175? 2/12/2017 9:45 PM

The Merritt cranks are too new to even say if they're good or a pile shit. Either way I'd go with the Odysseys just because of the superior wedge interface it uses over the 48 splines that can potentially wear out. The lifetime warranty is always a plus ... more »

Reply to What do you think of this? 2/12/2017 6:21 PM

shit I also forgot you'd need a driver too, and the hardware too obviously. Not to mention the bearings. It'd be a bit of money you'd be putting into it but if you're okay with that then it's definitely doable. I swapped a 3/8" male front hub axle with ... more »

Reply to What do you think of this? 2/12/2017 5:48 PM

Not just any axle will fit. The shoulders on the axle that sit between the bearings needs to be the same for one. It is possible to find axles from other hubs that will fit it though but it's gonna be a challenge. Try hitting up Odyssey and see if they ... more »

Reply to GT BK 2/12/2017 1:26 PM

2 piece cranks aren't bad unless you want to run spline drive, then you can run into some problems. Otherwise it's 1 less bolt to have to worry about and simplifies installation Side note- BK is the man. Rode with him a couple times. He's a super chill ... more »

Reply to plastic or metal pegs??? 2/12/2017 1:11 PM

The metal core's only exposed because plastic sucks and broke so I don't see how that's helping your argument. My 8 year old front peg has a dent in it and still has life left to it, that probably month old peg above does not. That is my point.

Reply to plastic or metal pegs??? 2/11/2017 8:30 PM

Yeah not denting is a real benefit of pc pegs!

Reply to Now i know why people dislike Halfords 2/11/2017 5:49 PM

next time you go there just whip your dick out and start pissing everywhere

Reply to Easter lowdown frame 2/11/2017 5:47 PM

That's an entry level stock frame, so unless you're getting it for like $5-$10 or absolutely need a frame, I'd pass on it. It's hi-tensile steel yeah but that doesn't mean it'll snap on you right away either. You'll get some riding out of it, but ultimately ... more »

Reply to BMX Edits 2/11/2017 8:09 AM

Lol @ the comments. but ehh more so the ones from 2007 on MySpace hahaha nostalgic and cringe worthy