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Reply to Tennis ball in spokes? 7/21/2016 10:50 PM

don't forget for when they do a feeble to hard 90° out moving slower than a slug, the weight helps assist them in pulling the fakie the rest of the way around

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Brayden's also the tard who is against Odyssey parts so whatever he says/recommends, do the opposite. It is a good frame though, my one friend has been on one for around 5 years now. It's Mike Hoder's signature frame, and a good rule of thumb is "don't ... more »

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I've seen people claim they keep your spokes tight and make your wheels stay true… but they're fucking idiots and that's not true. only thing it does is like Dave said, purely cosmetic. But it also adds rotational weight in your wheels though.

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Are they lock on grips by any chance? $35CAD is just under $27USD, which isn't far off for some lock on grips. If they're just regular grips that last as long as any other grip and don't wipe my ass for me or something special, then yeah fuck those guys. ... more »

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If I had to guess, it's probably an older complete bike frame. Maybe a Fit Team. I have the same frame laying around somewhere and the top tube where it meets the seat tube looks identical. You can see what I mean here, the way it like tapers kinda.

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Top tube near the seat tube kinda reminds me of older Fit frames. Need more pics though, are there anything distinguishing marks on it? Is there a logo on the headtube gusset anywhere? Also what's the serial number? Might be something there to help identify ... more »

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Nice try, Officer.

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now there's a name I haven't seen in awhile

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What crank do you have? Is it a 48 spline spindle? If it is then you might be able to just get a spline drive sprocket and not have to worry about the cranks being RHD or LHD.

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Fair warning, this is your "one" thread you can use to advertise your thing. Keep any and all updates in this thread and this thread alone otherwise they will be deleted and your account will be locked. If you wish to inquire about advertising & ... more »

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Odyssey/Sunday /thread

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hey, could be worse

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sounds like it's just wearing in, new chains will often do that. my Odyssey chain made horrible noises for the first like 2-3 weeks (mainly cause it was Winter and I didn't ride much, and if I did it was at indoor parks so I wasn't pedaling place to

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Reply to Going to Camp Woodward as a beginner? 7/5/2016 9:15 PM

You'll do as well as you're willing to do. A common misconception people have about Woodward is "You go there a beginner, you leave a pro" That's not true at all. The reality of it is, you're only going to progress as much as you're willing to try. Instructors ... more »

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Oh yeah true I know what you mean, the first time I got hub guards it felt soo much better hitting rails since I no longer got snagged in that gap. But yeah the kids on TCU's facebook page are dipshits haha they only care about what their bikes look ... more »

Reply to Hub guards for Hazard V2 front/Mix rear? 7/3/2016 7:31 PM

most any universal rear guard should fit the Primo Mix. Cult makes a guard that will fit it (Since the Cult Match and Primo Mix are the exact same things) but I'd personally avoid it just cause it's not threaded and can seize onto the axle, everyone ... more »

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wise man once said "It's not about what you can do or how good you are, just ride and it's all good" I know someone who's been riding for over 10 years and can only do peg high feebles, occasionally manual, and barely 180, but he comes out and has more ... more »

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That frame looks just like the Next Chaos too and after a quick Google search I'm almost positive it's just a Next Chaos. Hope you didn't pay a lot for it.