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matt nordstrom. probably the nicest guy youll ever meet. and hes so bad ass for being so young and so good. he made my shitty park look like one of the best parks.

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if you want rails and street go for the 2015 subrosa letum. that thing is made for street bro .

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that new mutant peg looked interesting...

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i would say stay away from stolen and flybikes. i hear way too many stuff about all their stuff breaking all the time. but i would say a first good bike would be a kink liberty or kink sexton if you would like to ride lhd. all sealed bearings and dw ... more ยป

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just get those eastsport bags with straps from walmart those work fine but make sure they got a chest strap so that it doesnt jump over your head when you hop.

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id go with the colony more chromoly than the sunday. and you dont see to many colony completes out there.

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i made a grind box using this tutorial!! it came out great!

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1. maybe your sprocket is bent 2. is your wheel tightened fully?

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oh. well that makes sense.lol good call. well i mean they have contact info. and it seems they have been around for a while. i think you should buy something cheap there first to test out how things go before buying something expensive.

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i wouldnt trust them. i mean who sells new condition gsport rim for $39?? or federal forks for $59?

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damn. getting paid to build stuff with legos. i would love that job.

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last time i went on albes i saw a wifi with 20.75 top tube in black. go check it out its on sale too!