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i think colony makes solid parts. but alot of people dont like them cause all their products are overpriced.

Added a product review for 2015 Colony Premise Bike 11/25/2014 9:00 PM

colony complete


The Good: my friend has this bike and this thing is light af.

The Bad: its kinda hard to suck up when doing 180s and stuff cause of the geometry. and the tires are skinny and slips sometimes.

Overall: good complete. its a little too light imo but its just me. if you think its easier to do tricks with lighter bikes then id go for this one.

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Added a product review for 2014 Volume Infantry Bike 11/25/2014 8:51 PM

solid complete.


The Good: my friend has this bike and if you guys were thinking about getting this bike, get it. best all around complete ever. all sealed bearings and the hub is so loud once it breaks in. its as loud as a profile mini but has a deeper pitch to it.

The Bad: the odyssey brake that came with it, the spring broke after a few months so dont be surprised if it breaks on you earlier than expected.


this bike is just an all around one of the best completes ive ever ridden. feels nice and solid the geometry on this bike makes tricks like 180s and 360s flow. the weight is perfect not to heavy or not to light just right.

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sunday broadcaster.

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it already did. i saw it on albes.

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alright thanks!

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the odyssey wheels are most worth it imo. the aerospaces are way better than the stock rims the colony wheelset comes with. and you help out your local bike shop. so its pretty much getting a colony wheelset but with better odyssey rims.

Started new thread Peg Help 10/14/2014 11:15 PM

hey guys this is probably a dumb question but can i use a 10mm peg on a 3/8'' axle? i want to buy stolen silencers on amazon for cheap but the only cheap ones are 10mm. is it safe to use these on the 3/8? thanks.

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i think you like bsd so get a bsd hub.lol anyways get the bsd backstreet pro cause that thing is made for heavy street and grinding.

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matt nordstrom. probably the nicest guy youll ever meet. and hes so bad ass for being so young and so good. he made my shitty park look like one of the best parks.

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if you want rails and street go for the 2015 subrosa letum. that thing is made for street bro .

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that new mutant peg looked interesting...

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i would say stay away from stolen and flybikes. i hear way too many stuff about all their stuff breaking all the time. but i would say a first good bike would be a kink liberty or kink sexton if you would like to ride lhd. all sealed bearings and dw ... more ยป

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just get those eastsport bags with straps from walmart those work fine but make sure they got a chest strap so that it doesnt jump over your head when you hop.

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