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ksi is thousands of lbs/in^2. titanium is not necessarily stronger than steel, but it's specific strength is better; i.e., for a given weight, titanium it stronger, or inversely, to build something to a specified failure load, you would require less ... more »

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Good job necroing a necro or a necro. Thats legit impressive.

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Cause realistically, Springfield's are the real deal. I've used Evo 2s, Promaxes, Eclats, Kink Desist and Springfield's, and honestly, the only real reason Springfield's aren't as good as anything else is chain clearance. The Promax brakes might be a

... more »

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Every time I take a wheel off, I toss it in the stand real quick to check it and touch it up if I need to. Usually takes less then 5 minutes. About every 6-12 months, (when I start to get really bad hops, or when tension starts to get really uneven), ... more »

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So the very first run had some issues with the springs breaking, but later runs come with a different spring, and a spare. I broke like two springs when they first came out, and zero in the like 18 months since. I don't run them because I have chainstay ... more »

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Springfields and ghost pads, cuz working on brakes sucks.

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I broke a master link pin. I replaced it with the spare and have been good so far. I bought the spare masterlinks and keep them on my key chain with my spoke wrench.

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Angular momentum. I'm struggling with the correct verbiage here, but the rotating chain, sprocket and rear cog would use up energy and make the bike coast less. However, in the current state of 35oz tires, 28 is free coasters and 12 inch ledges, it might ... more »

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What's actually happening is when you load a structure in bending (think a solid bar, supported on each end, with your fat ass mom standing on the middle), the stress at the bottom most fiber is loaded in tension (I.e., you are pulling on it), the upper ... more »

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Great thread, fast delivery. A+ would read again.

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Is the wrench/allen wrench spinning on/inside the compression bolt (the hex flats are rounded off), or is the compression bolt spinning inside the fork? (threads are fucked) If the hex flats are rounded, get a slightly larger allen wrench (1/4 maybe, ... more »

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It's not actually as hard to do as people would have you believe. Solid sells pretty much everything you need to put together a tube set, including the machined parts (Head tubes, BB shells). You can also get pre-bent seat and chain stays. You do ... more »

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We're a ways off 95, but Northside in Norfolk is a blast. Also Mt. Trashmore and Williams Farm in Virginia Beach.

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Barcode Nice, classic geometry if you like to go fast, crazy stuff, and just looks good. Oh, and its a Barcode.

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I use a Bell Manifold I got at wal mart. It's mold in shell, so really light. I order a Pro-tec street lite, but I wasn't really stoked on the craftsmanship. My cheaper bell actually fits better and looks better, and they both pass the same certification ... more »

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The issue you'll have with heat is that the aluminum seat post will expand more than the steel seat tube when you heat it. That will make the seat post harder to get out. It might, however make the penetrant more likely to penetrate. You could try going ... more »

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Is your chain line pretty legit? Mine was way screwed up with more than about 3mm of spacer on the drive side.

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Looks normal-ish. I've taken mine on and off a million times, but I can't remember if my wedge cluster hangs over like that or not. You could just use a shorter spacer. I use the shorter drive side spacer and another like 4mm spacer. The spindle bolt ... more »