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fuck yea

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If you look through all of his comments, 80% of them are negative and random. It's obvious (to me, at least) Devon has sparked a re-birth of interest in Flybikes and everything they have going on. Devon kicks ass.

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i have received packages from dans on a saturday several times and never paid extra. most the time i didnt even pay for shipping cus i used a promo code. the only time things have ever been delayed for me is if the package is small enough to fit in a ... more »

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nice edit

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text 30364106tree5 brand new, never used/ridden in original packaging $20 shipped

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im curious to see how the pin, that allows it to hinge, will hold up. i have a small tool bag (actually a cosmetic bag) that i keep a ratchet, socket, and 6mm adapter in. i dont need anything else so this would be a nice replacement.

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sodomize and kill everyones mothers

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just the how-to i was looking for -__-

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in my top 5 for sexiest bikes ever

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thats a boring looking park

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^actually uses his 4 pegs

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I'm 6' 5" and I prefer a 21" TT & around 9.5" rise up front. I had a macneil deuce deuce and I felt like I was riding a limo.

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i take offense. everybody i know here is straight up. i dont know amber personally but i know OF her plenty. she does not represent the rest of us out here. there are gonna be sketchy people anywhere/everywhere.

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a person will likely learn fakies whether they start on a cassette or a coaster. I think it's a bad idea to get a coaster in hopes of getting better at going backwards. it worked out for you but we'll never know what would have happened if you started ... more »

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everyone will probably tell you to get good at fakies on a cassette before getting a coaster.

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I don't see how he could go wrong