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Mat Hoffman didn't make the list because you can't rank a legend. Blasting higher then any other bmxer for over 25 years.

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it would be fun though and awesome to watch

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Thats so awesome, I just cant help to think there is a lot of potential for sand or snow riding with this type of bike, but the one idea I see the clearest in my mind is the giant downhill snow half pipe at the ski mountain, I can easily imagine riding ... more ยป

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Great article!! More inspiration for old folks like myself

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Dear Harry, Congratulations!! I wish you much success with your new ventures!! I hope you live long and prosper forever with BMX. You are awesome and you have had nothing but a positive impact on me and I think your ideas for the future show promise and will create a positive disruption in the BMX industry and continue to bring you success.

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