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Well, I've saw Brad simms say in a bike check he hops higher doing 180 rather than doing bunny hop. How can that be possible I mean I've tried to 180 as high as could but still I couldn't compared to my bunny hop. Is that true what brad says or my 180 ... more »

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wethepeople trust 2012 (black 20.5)


The Good: I think the best part is the fork because It took a lot of beating and it never bent or cracked plus it's feels very light. The cranks are really good too. Never had a problem with except a little noise it does when I pedal but It's not really disturbing. The eclat pedals are very grippy even when they wear out (because of nylon I think). Both hubs are very good, never had a problem with them. The rims are pretty solid parts in this bike. They took a lot of beating when I ride them and they are still fine except the back one that is slighly oval but it still resisted alot. The chain never broke and is pretty light I just had to add a half-link and remove a link because it was too loose. I personally like the seat because it's fat but not too much so it's ideal for me cause I don't sit too much. The sprocket is decent. I never hitted the bike on that part so it never bent.

The Bad: I like the color of the bars however the geometry was weird and I've bent them like 5 months ago. The frame was very solid and light but I'm quite tall (6'1) so sometimes I hit the bars with my knees when i'm riding. It happened that I broke the top tube 2 month ago and I really didn't expect that. It lasted me like 2 years so It wasn't a really bad frame but a bit little for me. The tyres wears very fast and the pitch mid had a cut on the left wall 1 month after getting the bike. The pitch flow lasted a bit more but I had a lot of punctures and tyre was so weared out that you could almost see the inner tube. The grips are shit they last nothing.


I rode this bike for more than 2 years and it's still a great bike! All the parts of this bike are very solid and light. It's a good first bike and then change the defective parts for better ones.

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