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Do a little bit more research on your province's health care. In AB your first few Physio appointments are covered so hopefully that works for your province as well. I went recently for a shoulder injury and I believe it sped up my recovery time quite ... more »

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You've probably worn the splines on your crank or spindle. When you ride a loose crank the splines rub against each other and eventually wear out. Once they are worn there's not much you can do except keep tightening it. If this is the situation the ... more »

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We built a custom bike for a guy that's around your friend's weight and we set him up with Cult Match Hubs and Gsport Ribcage rims. He rode them all summer and only had to tension them a bit but no real problems besides that.

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A few tips for getting a job at a shop: - If you haven't already had a job, it will really help to get something basic under your belt. If someone young applies for a job at our shop and they've already had a part time job for a summer it shows that ... more »

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That's the one thing we're truly missing is a good indoor park. We've got a small one but it's an hour and a half drive from here. A second one was opened last season by a bunch of riders but its about a 2 hour drive. Edmonton has a great riding scene ... more »

Started new thread Hiring Full Time BMX Mechanic Canada 11/27/2014 12:06 PM

We are hiring a Full Time BMX mechanic to work in our shop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This job is the real deal, and a great opportunity for someone with the right experience and the drive to help build Canadian BMX. If you live in Edmonton, or are ... more »

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The proper thing to do is go down to a bike shop and ask for a bike box. These are just cardboard boxes that bikes come in when you purchase them. Then partially disassemble your bike, wrap it up and strap it together and tape the box shut. Another thing ... more »

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Yeah they will. Cult stuff always has a ton of room for fat tires.

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Added reply in a thread Mac or s&m btm 11/25/2014 7:21 PM

Nearly the same, but lighter and a bit faster steering. It would be considered the most tech out of the three.

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The biggest difference between any of the Fit 1 Series bikes and the Specialized is that the Fit has sealed bearing wheels, while the Specialized is loose ball bearing. Any of the guys on here will tell you that sealed bearings are the way to go and

... more »

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The BTM is a sweet frame, a lot of guys around here ride one and love them. I was riding one for the first half of the summer and it felt great. I'll definitely build it back up some day soon. They are very light and responsive and still feel really ... more »

Added reply in a thread Please tell me the diffrence between these frames. 11/22/2014 9:14 AM

I would say that those 3 frames will be pretty similar. The Benny Frame is the lightest and has a shorter back end then the other two, so it will be the most twitchy. The Mac and the Savage both have big stand overs and similar length back ends. They ... more »

Added reply in a thread Pedal grinds on metal pedals? 11/19/2014 11:24 PM

I do lots of pedal grinds and I've tried every type of pedal and I'm back to simple plastic pedals. One of the guys who rides for our shop also does a lot of pedal grinds and he's using regular plastic pedals as well. If you get metal pedals they will ... more »

Added reply in a thread new bars. s&m fathead bars or s&m og slam bars 10/26/2014 12:42 PM

Fat Heads are a more modern size that you'll probably like better. 4 Up is great too.

Added reply in a thread Tree Ergo Fat Seat first Impression 10/18/2014 12:43 PM

Tree definitely makes nice stuff. Their Ergo slim seat is really comfy too!

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That's Canadian dollars though. It usually works out to the same for Canadians up here because we have to pay duty and brokerage and high shipping costs when buying from the US or other places. Stuff is expensive for us to buy as a shop because all of ... more »

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It retails for $229.99 in our shop and across Canada. It is also available pre-built with a 777 rim for $389. I could hook up Free Shipping on either for you too. We don't currently have the XXL rim but I could see about ordering it. I'm definitely going ... more »

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Wow this thread went off topic haha. Just wanted to say that we've got a few of these in the shop and have taken them apart. They are the KHE style internals. A nice thing about them is that they do have 3 slack washers in there for adjusting your slack. ... more »

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Hey Brayden good on you for buying from your local shop! If you've got a good local shop you gotta support it! If that's the bike you're in to then go for it. It definitely does look very nice and if you need to change anything you can always do that ... more »