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How does it ride? The geo on this frame is pretty wild. Also what's the clearance like with the short back end and the 2.4 T/A?

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Well, according to the Park Tool Scale in our shop it is actually 22 lbs 14 oz. This is assembled with the brakes on, and grease on all the bolts haha. Bikes usually seem to be a bit heavier than the manufacturers list. I'm not sure exactly how they ... more »

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An 18" bike should suit you quite well for your height. Guys, remember that we are not talking about a 20" bike. 18" bikes are definitely not 25 lbs. I just weighed a couple bikes for you and the Verde Cadet is the lightest at 22 lbs 9 oz, the Recruit ... more »

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Maybe try cleaning it out as well and replacing the grease with a light oil.

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This can happen to if you mashed up your driver at all from grinding. You may want to take a look inside the the hub shell and see if there's any flat spots from impacts. Usually you can fix those up.

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Quite a few of the Speedballs, they are very nice tires. Also sold a couple Mainlines, hearing good things about those too.

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Maxxis Grifters - who's riding them? What do you think of them? What's your riding style? Do you mind that they only come in smaller sizes? Are you mainly running them for weight savings? Just wondering as I've heard them suggested here a few times but ... more »

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I'm sure you noticed that the dropout on your frame is seriously bent right?

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We are still looking for the right person for this position. If you're interested or know someone who may be hit us up! http://bmxtransition.com/Employment-Opportunities

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Thread that crank bolt back in half way and then hit it with a rubber mallet. This will push your spindle and help remove the crank.

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Just to clarify on what happened here - BMXPOSER was the winning bidder of the auction but did not receive his frame as it was lost in shipping. Once this was confirmed by Canada Post we refunded him his money. As our intention was always to support ... more »

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Use a thin screwdriver. Put it sideways and use the shaft of the screwdriver (not the blade) to wedge off the bar end as much as you can and then pull it off with your hands. We do this all the time at the shop.

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I'm super stoked on how this bike turned out. I think it's one of the cleanest looking bikes that we've had in the shop! It's a stock Fit Wifi Complete, with Fit T/A tires and MAC PC pedals. What's really cool about this ... more »

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Well, here's some actual advice. If you are grinding, a front female axle will be much stronger than a 10mm (3/8") axle.

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Yes. Your sprocket and driver are worn and the new chain needs to to wear to the sprocket and driver. The sound should go away with time.

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I would definitely try and warranty your frame with United. They'll likely hook you up with a new frame at a reduced price. Here's a link to Untied's warranty info: http://unitedbikeco.com/warranty/

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Nope, they're out of stock too. If you can find the short sleeves you could always cut your pegs a bit shorter, just an idea haha.

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The Pins on JC PCs are fairly long so that might be normal. Are they the same on either pedal? You should still be able to get the pins out, just apply some pressure to the nut while you're getting the pins loose.

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Shoot me an email with what you're looking to get, info@bmxtransition.com and I'll let you know what works. It's a little bit more appropriate than on here.