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It's likely that your clutch is worn on the inside from the ball bearings it's riding on. You definitely do not want to degrease anything. Try replacing the clutch, and if possible the axle as well. Then repack with a lot of fresh grease and it should ... more »

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You're a beginner, I wouldn't worry about it. Just find a frame that you like and you'll be fine. There's not a huge difference between 75-75.5.

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GSport Uniguard will work and comes in 10mm. It just sits outside your frame. Another option is something like the S&M Cymbal DS guard. This will sit on the 14 mm part of your axle, you will just need to add an adapter to the 10mm bolt so that it ... more »

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That's not going to protect your spokes. I think that's just a BS piece of plastic that's supposed to stop your derailleur from running in to your spokes on a cheap mtb or road bike. In my experience, when most people are blowing a lot of spokes it's ... more »

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I'm running the Animal GLH 2.25 up front and S&M Speedball 2.1 in the back. Love this setup for street riding.

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Also, just saw an ad on here for these: Looks like a similar product from Madera. I am assuming these will only work in Profile or Madera hubs as the thread in them is different than other hubs.

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The front ones currently only work with Animal Hubs, just a heads up.

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S&M Cymbal will fit on virtually any hub. It will definitely fit on the Fit Aitken 1. FBM's chromoly hub guard is also very good, it won't have the nice shape of the Cymbal though. I ride 4 Cymbals, they weren't cheap but they are the best.

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Heard good things about the Volume Vaders. Current tire set up is Animal GLH 2.25 in front and S&M Speedball 2.1 in the back. The GLH is super grippy and the Speedball slides just enough to kick it around, and is small enough to keep up the speed. ... more »

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Take some time off and do some other stuff. Come back to the bike when you feel like it's time. I've been riding less BMX this summer compared to last year. I spent a few months with only 1 or 2 sessions on my bike. Lately I've been getting excited about ... more »

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I rode both the BTM and the Hardway. I switched back from my Hardway to the BTM because it was lighter. The Hardway did feel very solid though, so some may prefer it for that. The other two frames are made in Taiwan, so they will be less expensive vs. ... more »

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I don't think it was a bit much, he just did something incredible, and at 16 even. The lady in the cart, doesn't understand what the significance of that spot is, so you can understand why she was so upset. It was honestly a little crazy for her to keep ... more »

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95% sure it's the same. They both have KHE internals, but slightly different approaches at it. In hubs like this though, the clutch doesn't change.

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If it was between those two I would choose based on your height. The Fit is higher spec'd but it's only a 20" top tube, so better for shorter riders. I'd say around 5' - 5'5". The Sunday has a 20.5" top tube with big bars, so better for taller riders. ... more »

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Cool bike! Here's a suggestion for your wheelset. Definitely not a cheap way to go, but would be awesome and you could keep that sweet freewheel:
+ in 24")

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If you're looking at the Fit Aitken 1, from 2016, it has a 21" top tube. It is WAY too big for you if you are under 5' tall. I would probably stick with a 20" fit as well, but you need one with a smaller frame. Take a look at the Fit Benny 1, Pledge, ... more »

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The grease just needs to get all over the metal surfaces that will grind in to each other. Just got to an automotive supply store and ask for a general purpose grease if nothing is available for a local bike shop.

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I can do an extra $10 off the cranks, just use the FREESHIP code on the website, then I'll take another $10 off for you if you put your order through. I'm guessing that was either Jordan Siudy or Riley Abramyk that you met, they are both from here and ... more »

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You'll adjust to it and realize pretty quickly that it's way better. Do it.

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They seem to hold up really well. I recommend looking at the GSPORT Uniguard in 10mm for a DS hubguard if you're running 4 pegs. It seems to be the best solution with the 10mm bolt, and 14mm shelf on that side of the hub.