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Very cool.

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Well you can always check out the distributor's website: If they have it on there it's most likely in stock. Their inventory isn't live but they take stuff down as it sells outhe. I can always order any of that stuff for you. It would be free ... more »

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I could get it for you, so could your local shop. They are in stock at the distributor, would just need to be special ordered.

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Sold! Thanks.

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Steve is right, you should really size them up at a shop. The 7 year old could either ride a 16" or an 18" - it really depends on how confident he is with either, and how much control you want him to have over the bike now. If you put him on the 16" ... more »

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Didn't sell at auction, listed at $349 Canadian ($266 USD) Buy it Now.

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If it is a new BTM yes. They made the back end of the frame wider about a year ago I believe. if it's an older BTM, well still yes, but it will be quite tight with a 2.4.

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I just posted up this Fit Hartbreaker Frame on eBay:

We got a discount on it due to some very minor cosmetic damage, and are making it available starting at $349 CAD ($263 US). It's a 21.125", comes with welded mounts and no seat clamp. ... more »

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Yeah this is normal - the shipper has to open the investigation, you have to contact them.

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Been using the Macs for a while - great pedals. Every once and a while, my old Odyssey JC PCs get thrown back on my bike. Those are some nice pedals. Will try the Grandstands next to see what all the fuss is about!

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Conway because best promo ever:

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Get the Dak, because Dak is a boss. The SOS will be more responsive and twitchy, the Dak will be more balanced and better for bigger stuff!

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edit: Posted video for KHE style freecoaster, but that looks like an Ezra

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[img] [/img]

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10mm and 3/8" is the same on a bicycle - it may not be the exact same measurement but on bikes it is used interchangeably. You should look for a 3/8 or 10 mm bolt with a 24tpi thread pitch. The only hubs I've come across that don't use this size so far ... more »

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Edit: weird... posted in wrong thread.

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Had this happen before setting up EVO 2s on a different frame. We ended up swapping for the Kink Desist brake and it worked great because it doesn't have those two parts at the top of the arms to run in to one another. I'm sure even a lot of other brakes ... more »

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You don't need taller bars. Aren't you like 18 years old? If you have a sore back with 10" bars, you need yoga, or to start going to the gym. I don't think taller bars will help. + yoga / gym babes

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Open it up, clean it, add lots of new grease, put it back together. If that doesn't fix it, replace your headset.

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Ya, exactly the same.