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Well my bike check is on my profile and yeah getting some federal liquids when i get paid

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Ive been told by a few people, pencil out, do an opposite 90 and then just turn down towards your back foot.

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When i do bars i dont really pinch the seat, i just put my feet closer to the crank or even slighty on the cranks, it just makes the bike a bit more stable. have you tried just passing the bars around instead of throwing them? Also try putting your ass ... more ยป

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Just want to know what people think or what could be

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Love this hub!


The Good: Its light, Strong and they do some really nice colours

The Bad: Bad???? whats that?


Absolutley love this hub, been running it for a while now, not the loudest hub in the world but its light strong and im yet to see anything wrong with it :D

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Light, Looks Nice, Dont over tighten.


The Good: It looks stunning, Hollow Bolts, Its Extremley Light and theres not much to hit your knee on.

The Bad: Minor Slips, Soft Metal, its pinched a little.


Ive been riding this stem for about 5 months now. and i love it, its really nice. looks nice and rides nice. but...It dents easy and The front bolts have actually come through the bottom of the stem. Honestly though i do think this is just due to over tightening so just be careful not to over tighten the bolts. Good stem, would buy again. :)

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Do not buy -_-


The Good: Look nice, my front hub spins for ages, cheap.

The Bad: The rims bend and dent easily. The spokes are shit. The back hub isnt fully sealed.


After about 2 months of riding this wheel spokes snapped and bent. and then to my surprise it wasnt the spokes that had snapped... it was the nipples.. they had been ripped out of the shitty rim. yes theyre cheap but if you buy cheap then you buy twice.

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