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OK that is a lot of slightly different awnsers but I think I got a pretty good idea, thanks for your awnsers and know have a new favorite rider, Stevie Churchill... damn auto correct... I meant Simone borraco.

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I really have no idea what it is, then again I am mostley riding my bike all day instead of the internet, but I still couldn't find anything on it. I know of street dirt/trails and park but that's about it, oh ya and can't forget about flatland.

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meowtasticly amazing


The Good: They feel great, look great, and meow great.

The Bad: Enough has been said.


they are too awesome for you, you should get them anyways to show every body you can meow better than them.

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They work i guesse


The Good: They are long ,grippy, and falangless, I also like the idea of the design

The Bad: The bar ends suck hardcore, and they get worn out very quickly, but you can flip them so they are backwards and you can switch sides so they last about a month or two for hardcore riders.


good for a while but the bad and definitely not ugly, love the feel and look and just want to meow all day long, take that how you want.

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cool beans


The Good: Love the red Walls the squeak like a 13 year old going through puberty and they are grippy.

The Bad: They wore down to no tread for me and my friend on month 5 and then when they wore down no more birdcalls from them, but I guess I kind of expected that from riding break less on street everyday.


awsome tires I highly recomand especially if you like birdcalls ( chirp chirp every 180 ) I got the 2.35 and they are huge, love it , just wish somebody would make a tire that the tread would last at least a year of extream riding.

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Some of the high tensile frames break or crack or a certain time and I had an all high tensile haro frame and I broke the top tube from the head tube, so either that is a crapy weld or a crappy frame either way that is a bad part on haros term, I am not saying mark is a bad brand I am just saying over time SOME of the lower end bikes breaks too easily.

0 0 0

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if you have a problem with riding your scooter around this is the best to tell you what to do ^....( not serious)

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im in circle pines! i ride with tommy glidden... look him up

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pinch the cranks with your feet... sorry i cant help anymore.. i cant really do barspins caus im too wuss...

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you can get stickers off without leaving stick shit by using a hair dryer and just blow on it with the hair dryer ( obviously on warm ) for like 5 minutes and peel them off while still aplying heat.

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well to keep your foot on when your flat 3 i try to push my foor on the cranks alittle, just so they dont wanna fly off. if you cant get full rotation when you 360 turn your head in the direction you are spinning and spot your landing after you have ... more »

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alright so i'm looking to build up a bike when i get a job ( lol i realize that may be never but any who ) i was wondering what is the best and lightest rim that can handle street really well... and that would also look beastly on the bsd front and back ... more »

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so far so good


The Good: spins like a mother fucker.

The Bad: no spacers to make my top load stem with my 9.25 rise bars feel bigger :( jk i dont have a top load or 9.25 rise.


tis quit lovely for a headset of such stature but it would be etiquette to have a few spacers.

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you can make it so they don't wobble if you tighten the piss out of most the screws.

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meow meow meow


The Good: it didn't break down on me when i was a newbie at biking, and has not still. i have not changed anything on the bike besides stickers, new integrated headset, and pedals.

The Bad: i bent the bars, and the sprocket!!! totaly my own faul caus i thre the bike and did a sprocket stall.


For a haro its nice. get it if you have money to spare but if you are just getting in to bmx, you will scratch the bike no matter. Haro is a pretty shitty brand though so dont trust any of the parts that are on cheeper bikes. unlike this one.

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