Added reply in a thread 180s Are Pissing Me Off! 5/18/2015 1:54 PM

I find it hard to level out on 180s so i end up coming down hard on my back wheel instead of landing clean. It only works for me if i baby hop

Added reply in a thread 180s Are Pissing Me Off! 5/16/2015 5:45 PM

Slightly back wheel first but a full 3. 180s feel weird to me and when i try to tuck at 90 I over rotate. If i don't tuck i land back wheel first and fudge up the fakie. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow so i can practice again

Added reply in a thread 180s Are Pissing Me Off! 5/16/2015 5:05 PM

My speed isnt really the issue. 3s just feel more natural and when i go faster i end up landing 270 or a retarded looking backwards manual

Started new thread 180s Are Pissing Me Off! 5/16/2015 3:27 PM

I should have had these down years ago but its like as soon as I got the concept of hopping and spinning I went straight to 3's and when I attempt to 180 I accidently 3 tap. The only way I land an actual 180 is if I do a little baby hop when going slow, ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Good tyre size for manuals 5/10/2015 10:25 AM

I seriously doubt tire size makes any difference for manuals. Railrides and wallrides on the other hand, u may wanna go fatter. I currently ride 2.2 tww's but thinking about throwing my old 1.95 asm's on just for fun.

Added reply in a thread how to hop high. help please 5/4/2015 12:26 PM

Half a foot is a start. U have the proper form just challenge urself to hop increasingly higher obstacles. What I do is get in position like I'm about to pull back for a manual and just jump as high as I can and pull the bike up with me. Practice manuals ... more »

Added reply in a thread NEWBIE 4/28/2015 7:50 AM

^^^ learn fakies first or u will fall or come to a complete stop when u land a 180. It wouldn't hurt to practice manuals when going from point a to point b. Learning to get to ur balance point in a manual will give u the bike control u will need for ... more »

Added reply in a thread bar height and hops? 4/28/2015 6:54 AM

It shouldn't affect u that much u just have to get used to the bars being slightly lower. If ur bars rise is less than 8.5 u might wanna invest in 9" or higher but don't worry about it now just get ur hops up with what u have

Added reply in a thread Advice 3/28/2015 11:34 AM

Start by just riding around and getting comfortable with the feel of ur bike. Learn proper bunnyhop technique and practice it daily. Try manuals when ur riding around until u get comfortable holding that position. Bike control is key and over time tricks ... more »

Added reply in a thread Advice 3/28/2015 10:22 AM

Ur definitely not too old to start. Im 29 and i still ride. Just get on ur bike and have fun. As far as ur arm and leg, that depends on how much u can handle. I would take it easy tho

Added reply in a thread 360 help 2/17/2014 10:13 PM

Im working on 3s myself trying to get out of doing 270 taps. Carving is more of doing a slight pivot on the back wheel as the front is coming up. I see some riders quickly turn the bars the opposite way before whipping it around and it gives them more ... more »

Added reply in a thread How long did it take you to learn how to 180? 2/17/2014 9:54 PM

No its too easy But since we're on this old ass topic im embarassed to say how long it took me to land my first 180. Funny thing is once I got it I was also doing some sloppy looking 270 taps the same day. Im so close to getting clean 3s and would have ... more »

Added reply in a thread Custom freecoaster wheel STILL for sale (UPDATED) 2/17/2014 9:45 PM

Sorry but I really could use the cash. Otherwise I would keep it

Added reply in a thread Custom freecoaster wheel STILL for sale (UPDATED) 2/1/2014 11:06 AM

Moving soon and trying to get rid of this wheel. Its RHD btw. $100 shipped

Added reply in a thread Sad 1/25/2014 4:17 PM

this is exactly why I bring my bike inside when I have to go to the store. If they have a problem with my bike, I take my business elsewhere..

Added reply in a thread bunny hop curb fear 1/25/2014 4:09 PM

Your fear will go away the more u just say fuck it and go for it. I'm the same way sometimes even tho I've been riding for years. In my experience I've found that going hard and busting my ass does more for my confidence than pussying out and going home ... more »

Added reply in a thread Serious question about drilling holes? 1/25/2014 3:49 PM

If u really need to drop some weight I would suggest getting lighter parts. 30lbs is kinda chunky but i wouldn't break out the drill unless u have experience with doing this kinda thing. If thats not the case then dont even think about drilling to save ... more »

Started new thread Drunk Riding 12/28/2013 1:08 PM

Who does it? I learned a few days ago the hard way never to do that again. I've pulled some great sessions while intoxicated and even held the longest manual i ever held while drunk. But a few days ago i was pissed off and decided to ride to the liquor ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Custom freecoaster wheel STILL for sale (UPDATED) 12/5/2013 6:06 PM

I still have the wheel and I've dropped the price. Hmu if u want it

Added reply in a thread mid-life crisis, depression? 11/18/2013 7:52 PM

Im only 28 (in a few weeks) so i wouldn't call it a midlife crisis but I have had major depressive disorder since I was a kid. Over a year ago I lost 1 of my best friends who happened to be the 1 who introduced me to bmx when I was 19. He was a year ... more »

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