Stacy_Buchkowsky left a comment 2/18/2013 2:14 PM

I got anther sunday I just sand down drop outs make them raw helps ..I have same issue with my s.m flat land bike did same thing so far so good

Stacy_Buchkowsky left a comment 4/3/2012 10:39 AM

hi how much for the sunday

iFLYBikes left a comment 2/4/2012 9:29 PM

sounds like you need some spacer inside your wheel on the sunday frame i had the same problem

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The Good: The frame looks awesome, the new black color is great, the new stickers/decals even look better. The geometry of the frame sold me on it and I switched from a Sunday Funday to the forcaster for the extra .5 degree of headtube angle. It assembled great.

The Bad: I ride the bike for 5 minutes and the back wheel slips all the way into the dropout leaving me with chain slap. I tighten it back up and within 5 minutes the chain is loose again. I do this over and over again for a whole week. I tore it down and rebuilt my Funday, took Forecaster back to Sunday only to have them tell me there is nothing wrong with it. All dude did was put a wheel in it and tighten it down. He pulled it with his hand and said that was good he couldn't warranty it. I can lock it down in the frame and all seems great but when I put my weight on the pedals BOOM LOOSE Chain. He also tried to tell me it was a problem with my hub.How about this? Put a chaintensioner on it like the Funday or make a tensioner that fits it, or make the dropout able to accept one. I DO NOT LIKE PAYING GOOD MONEY FOR STUFF THAT DOESN'T WORK AND THEN HAVING SOMEONE I BOUGHT IT FROM TELL ME THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.

Overall: This would be a great frame if it had chain tensioners like the other sunday frames. I'll give it 3 stars for the front end but have to take away 2 stars for the rear end. See ya all on ebay.

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