Ben Hucke Bike Check 6

Ben Hucke Bike Check
Ben Hucke is still rockin' his prototype signature frame from Diamondback and has it all decked out with Shadow parts. Here is a complete rundown -

Frame: Diamondback Night Seeker 21"
Bars: Shadow Vultus Prototype
Forks: Shadow Captive
Stem: Ravager Front Load
Headset: Generic rigged with another bearing as a spacer 'til I find another one.
Grips: Shadow Local grips
Seat: Shadow Penumbra mid
Tires: Shadow Undertaker 2.25
Front Wheel: Shadow Stun
Rear Wheel: Shadow BTR
Cranks: Shadow Noctis
Pedals: Shadow Ravager PC
Chain: Shadow Interlock v.2
Pegs: Shadow Little Ones

Ben Hucke Bike Check

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