Bike Check: Ryan Winterbotham

Ryan Winterbotham has just returned from an extended trip to the states where he got a brand new ride from his sponsor Colony.

Photo by: @xcooperbrownleex

Frame: Colony sweet tooth 21"
Forks: Colony Dagger
Bar: Colony 24/7
Stem: Colony Official front load
Grips: Colony Muchroom
Pedals: Colony
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2's
Sprocket: Colony CC
Seat: Colony shield pivotal
Seat Post: Colony
Front Tyre: Demolition Momentum
Front Wheel: Colony clone
Rear Tyre: Demolition Momentum
Rear Wheel: Colony clone 9t
Chain: Cult
Pegs: Colony plastics
Mods: Cut down bars slightly.

Photo by: @xcooperbrownleex

Photo: @xcooperbrownleex


Ryan, you recently came back returned from a long journey to the states. How was it?

Absolutely amazing, trip of a lifetime, had so much fun being there riding nearly every day in the sun and with good people. Of course things always seem to be too good to be true and 2 days before I was due to fly home I slammed and ended up badly concussed, braking my collar bone and an extremely bruised hip which was a shame.

Photo by: @xcooperbrownleex

What was it like riding with pretty much the entire Colony team, have you met them before?

This was a first for me, I'd only ever met Chris Courtenay twice before, but having the chance to meet the other guys was really cool. So many different types of riders on the team and it's nice to see everyone's different approach to things with their riding.

What was your favourite part about your trip?

Favourite part of the trip was definitely being able to go on a trip in Ryan guettlers rv to lake havasu, Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. So much fun!

Photo: @xcooperbrownleex

Photo: @xcooperbrownleex

While on the trip you built a up a new bike, what is different from your last?

So I decided to mix things up a bit with trying a sweet tooth frame instead of a teddy, so far so good, absolutely loving it.

Photo: @xcooperbrownleex

Photo: @xcooperbrownleex

Any shout outs?

Clint and Cooper for helping me out my first week in the states, Matt Nietschke for letting me crash on his couch, Ryan Guettler for the Arizona trip, and everyone single person who made my trip to the states a good one. Can't wait to be back!

Keep up-to-date with Colony by following their Instagram account: @ColonyBMXBrand, follow Ryan at @RyanWinterbotham, and shoutout to Cooper Brownlee (@xcooperbrownleex) for the photos.

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