We interviewed Mike Curley when we first launched Vital BMX UK and I felt it was about time we caught up with him to see how things are going.

Photo by: Josh Moore - http://blog.shootjmoore.com

Mike, how have you been?

I've been good thanks! Things have been hectic recently!

You’ve been pretty busy recently travelling a lot. What has the past six months involved?

I have just been riding a lot. I did an edit and an interview for Frayed magazine, I went to LA for a couple of weeks, filmed a split edit with Mikey Tyra, been on a few little trips up and down the UK, and just recently went to NASS!

You absolutely killed it at NASS and did a lot of technical moves that other people couldn’t get around, what was it like going against the biggest park riders and being the only street rider in the finals?

Haha terrifying! I always just go to NASS to have a good time. I'm not really a competition kind of guy and I just went there and did my thing, haha.

Do you think you were judged fairly?

Yeah! How can you judge a flair whip against a weird nose manual tech line. Haha, I think they did good!

Last time we spoke to you, you were designing your own signature bars. They are now available everyone for everyone to buy. Did you make any changes and what has the reception been like?

Yeah they've just recently come out and I'm 100% stoked on them and it seems like people are into them too! So I'm happy.

Are you working on any new content to promote them?

Not really specifically for my bars, but I'm starting my welcome to pro edit soon.

What have you got planned for the next six months?
Well I'm off on Ride To Glory in a few days, then I'm going Prague after that, then to Russia. All whilst trying to film my welcome to pro edit. So hopefully a good few months ahead!

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