We all ride bikes and one time or another we are going to come into a problem, so we have searched the store of BMX-Shop for some essentials that are small, easy to fit in your backpack, and essential.

Innertube - First thing is first, inner tubes. Every rider has at one point got a flat tyre and we all know repairing tubes isn't worth it 99% of the time, so why not carry some spare tubes? -http://www.bmx-shop.com/bike-parts/tubes/blank-inner-tubes.html

Tool Kit - You can’t fix a puncture without tools and luckily there are some amazing multi-tools and mini tool sets available at very good prices. The main tools you need to look for are a 15mm and17mm socket with a ratchet, a set of allen keys featuring 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm allen keys. These few tools could take apart a bike and put it back together with ease.

BMX-Shop Street Tool Kit

BMX-Shop BMX Street Tool Kit - This has the bare essentials in a nice small case. It’s priced reasonably well (currently £19.99) and has everything you need to tighten a stem bolt, tighten your cranks, and adjust your wheels. - http://www.bmx-shop.com/bmx-shop-bmx-street-tool-kit.html

Shadow Conspiracy Chain Tool

Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Chain Tool - This is the must have chain tool, it is beefy, works with the super strong Shadow Interlock chain, and works with almost any chain. It comes with a spare pin and will get the job done every time. http://www.bmx-shop.com/bike-parts/tools-and-maintenance/shadow-conspiracy-interlock-chain-tool.html

Kink Tyre Levers

Kink Tyre Levers - Depending on what tyre and rim setup you have, it can be a right pain to get your tyre off. Luckily Kink have got your covered with this simple tyre lever keyring kit. Small, compact, and easy to carry with you. -http://www.bmx-shop.com/bike-parts/tools-and-maintenance/kink-tyre-levers.html

Bike Lock - Everyone should own a bike lock, regardless of if you live in the safest neighbourhood. So we recommend the Subrosa Warhead lock -http://www.bmx-shop.com/bike-parts/tools-and-maintenance/subrosa-warhead-lock.html

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