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Rolling In Style #3 5

Every day we get an amazing selection of user bike checks that we are able to highlight the top five every month. Check out round three of our “Rolling in Style” feature. This month we have a few front brakes.

Rolling In Style #3

1. BecciBMX’s BSD Trail or Park - It’s rare to see a BSD with a gyro, the brand seems to hate them if you follow them on social media websites. So this was fresh.

Rolling In Style #3

2. RawBMX123’s Cult OS V3 - Chrome frame, chrome bars, black forks, an orange sprocket, and some huge Chase Hawk tyres. This is clean

3. ReadyBMXer’s Kink Whip - This bike is rocking two brakes, two pegs, and a clean look. This is setup you do not see very often

4. Pedro Salgado’s WeThePeople Sleepless - Classic look with the all black bike, minus the white forks - this was a big hit in the mid 2000s

5. Michael Echart’s Haro Lineage - This frame stands out for the sheer fact it has the cool looking gusset, add that to the front and rear brake setup and the old school look, it makes this a deserving bike to be featured.

To be in with the chance of being featured. Upload your bike to our bike check section.