Alistair Whitton's shoe of choice is the Vans Dunbar 3. Check out why he likes it, along with some great riding:
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Straight from Greenville, Alistair Whitton is giving you the chance to win some of his swag! Be the one lucky winner and you'll receive; Ali's endorsed colorway of the Dunbar 3, MacNeil bars, Shadow Gloves, Vans t-shirt, case of Rockstar, and Oakley's. Click here to enter!

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  • tothemax

    11/11/2009 6:41 PM

    haha the ending was the best part he had a sick car too

  • Rental

    11/10/2009 9:13 PM

    Sick vid, one of my favorite riders. The ending was great haha.

  • kowoo

    11/10/2009 6:07 PM

    cool ending

  • trenton4x

    11/10/2009 3:40 PM

    dang this is one sick video!!!

  • foxrider18

    11/10/2009 3:17 PM

    haha, at least the lady was nicer than some i have doubt with.

  • Mexy_bmx

    11/9/2009 9:06 PM

    My god!!! its incredible the wall ride to moto over the mitshubishi !!!

  • biker303

    11/9/2009 6:13 PM

    funny ending lol haha great vid got the shoes

  • mullins

    11/9/2009 12:53 PM

    funny end

  • SimpleRider585

    11/9/2009 12:29 PM

    haha the end with the lady haha didnt even know he hit it

  • manve

    11/9/2009 11:17 AM

    omg he did a wallride next to a good car, well that must mean his shoe is good!jeeez

  • bigfootbmx33

    11/9/2009 6:14 AM

    hahaha that lady was so funny great riding

  • Peteee

    11/9/2009 6:01 AM

    hahaa last clip was best :D

  • sartellbmx480

    11/9/2009 5:31 AM


  • a Justin

    11/9/2009 1:26 AM


  • owlyjoboy1457

    11/8/2009 11:24 PM

    sicke sixs

  • PAparkRAT

    11/8/2009 11:15 PM

    fuckin fat cunt

  • bluerockit

    11/8/2009 11:12 PM

    I'd like to know why everyone gets so stoked on being first. Like.....really?

  • abod

    11/8/2009 10:57 PM

    hahahaha the ending was great. these look sweet but i just bought some new whip 2's.


    11/8/2009 10:44 PM


  • EasternRider951

    11/8/2009 10:31 PM

    lol i like the end, the ladys all like these are not to be used for bikes, and he comes from nowhere and does a trick without her noticing haha