Ryan Guettler not only rides in the Vans Whip 3, he also designed it! Check out why he made it the way he did along with some great riding.
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This time around Ryan Guettler is going to take your breath away with his new sleeker and lighter Whip 3! New colorways and the original Vans waffle sole are coming your way January 2010! We are giving away 10 pairs of the Whip 3 and Ryan's favorite Vans sunnys.

Come on kids you have to work for these...Let us know your favorite BMX memory in the comments below and Ryan will pick the 10 winners himself!

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  • Mike Koval

    12/28/2009 2:55 PM

    The one time i will never forget riding my bike was when i was visiting my sis in jersey city and got to go to the brooklyn banks for the first time. I remember rolling up to the many kids enjoying what i had wanted to experience for so long. I met some really cool kids from long island and we all rode like deadmen then i got a flat, the chill kids i had just met brought me to tyrone williams shop,Then helped me fix my tire, after that we rode, we rode all through the city and eventually went back to the banks. when we got there we saw tyrone williams getting filmed by discovery channel, i think, so we talked to a filmer and they wanted to film us, this was amazing to me,we all signed releases and started throwing our tricks for the camera. This was the greatest and most memorable day for me, ive never had so much fun or been so sore from riding in my life.

  • Special_Sauce

    12/27/2009 12:59 PM

    My favorite memory!? My favorite memory is when i got my first bmx bike and when i got i rode it all the way to the brooklyn brigde skate park and spend the whole day learning how to do a bunny hope for the first time and it toke the whole day to learn it and ig to home till like around 11 in the night. The people in the brooklyn bridge skate park with their bmx bike got me into bmx when i was 10. And since I was 10 i always wanted a bmx bike.

  • cdmtx65

    12/27/2009 10:33 AM

    My fav memory would have to be the fist time i * tried* going down the halfpipe , as i said *tried* ... ended up with a broken Arm but went straight from the Hospital back and DID IT !

  • Brighton_rides_etnies

    12/26/2009 3:38 PM

    My favorite memory was when I first started riding when i was little and my my dad took the training wheels off the bike and when he looked up i was half way down the street hallin. Later on in the day i ran into the back of a parked truck.

    My favorite memory of a trick by a pro was when Scotty Cranmer pulled the frontflip tailwhip

  • xyz photography

    12/26/2009 4:21 AM

    My favorite BMX memory??? There's been so many.... Best one must of been digging from summer through to the next summer a few years back, build amazing jumps with amazing people. the when the was all done told every rider we knew to meet us at a skate park for a session. then when they all got there telling them to follow us "we have sumut to show all of you" and then when we got the and seen ever-body faces light up!!! then one of the best session broke out and just was an amazing day to see the people i knew looking happy n seeing then ride the jumps we worked on so hard... must be one of the best!!

  • RealJimmy

    12/24/2009 6:27 AM

    My Favorite Memory is when i learn wheelie and stuff, it take alot of patient to master a trick, now i going for the 360!

  • purple cactus

    12/23/2009 4:06 AM

    Yeets, I'm Dries from Belgium. My sister is studying in Berlin in Germany for a year, so we went to visit her in the vacation. We went to the Flair BMX shop to buy a new backweel, but the guy in the shop convinced my dad to buy me a hole new wethepeople justice. After that, I went to the Berlin 'skatehalle' to try my new bike out. I coudn't speak to anybody there becaus I don't speak German, but I had the best time! The only thing I didn't like about Berlin was that they closed the Mellowpark just a week before I got there.

  • bigfootbmx33

    12/22/2009 11:34 AM

    my fav memory was when i lernd stope

  • vietpridekid

    12/21/2009 10:34 AM

    My favorite bmx memory was probably when my friend can over and i ran outside and saw him do a 180 barspin. i was flipping out and lost my head. thats also when i got in bmx too, and ever since my friend been teaching me. i saw him do that barspin and thats been my favorite trick forever. i can actually do barspins better then my friend and he is the one that thought me, hahaha. also i never really had any shoes to ride with, i was 12 when i started riding and i rode bikes with a k-swiss shoe. as of right now im still wearing the k-swiss shoes and im 16 right now. there almost about to not fit me no more, and there are rips all over the shoe. but riding bikes in street is sooo much FUN ! im actually going to go outside and ride right now because my friend is over and we wanna ride, hahaha, Lots OF FUN, Later...

  • Vizualbiker4life

    12/21/2009 8:17 AM

    My favorite bmx memory was the day Gatoare had held a contest at Jaycee skatepark. This is my favorite bmx memory because that day tought me of how sour my attitude was to other bmxers and that being respectful should be my top prioity. After watching a video about mat Whyatt and seeing how humble he was to have left home and come all this way to chase his dream. Eveytime i ride, I now think of how hard it really is to leave home and only have a bike to survive.

  • Grant!

    12/21/2009 1:26 AM

    My favorite riding memory was when me and some friends drove to these trails in capitolia california.The trails are on a cliff with a 100foot - 200foot drop overlooking the ocean . The trails are pretty close to the edge of the cliff. I tried to 360 the second doubble and i ended up over rotating. I tried to slow down, but I was riding brakeless at the time, I ended up riding off the cliff. Luckely i landed on a small tree that was sticking ot of the cliff. My friends thought i was dead but luckely the tree saved my life. If that tree wasent there I would of been dead. Almost every time i get on my bike i think of the moment of right when i was riding off the cliff.

  • matteblackride

    12/20/2009 2:43 AM

    haha first time i ever seen somebody flip a bike, it was ryan at beens fliping the 7 hip to dirt. i thought it was fuckin insane...i dropped my skater n went home to get my bike. never skated since

  • izewize

    12/19/2009 1:21 PM

    I think my favorite bmx memory was when we got bikes allowed in the skatepark in the little town Cody Wyoming that I call home. We don't have a lot of street you have to be really creative explore some crazy back alleys and then there is the crazy stuff that you have to be pretty gnarly to do. We have a pretty fun skatepark that is a collection of bowls small rails and boxes but its what we got. So for the longest time all the total of about 6 bmxers just rode the park. We always had to run from cops and some of us even had to pay tickets. But it was so worth it. But we finally got the city to consider letting bikes into the skatepark. About a week later they had a meeting about letting bikes in me and my homies got all the really good people that have been riding since they were my age and are still in this town that dont really ride the park cause of the illegal thing to show up to the meeting and after the meeting it was decided that we were gunna let bikes in and we had the biggest bmx jam session ever I think it was probably the best feeling ever!!!! And now we ride the park everyday without having to worry about gettin a ticket or running from the cops.

  • adamATX

    12/19/2009 10:50 AM

    My favorite riding memory is the first time I ever tried to jump a double, nosecased the hell out of it and went straight to my face. Then i got back up and hauled ass at it and cleared it to flat before I went home all concussed and bloody and shit.


    12/19/2009 5:16 AM

    breaking my wrist and getting way fucked on morphene ... then there was a cute redhead nurse ... then there was the time at the halloween jam where i got way fucked ... gotta love goon, jumped some gap, disloacted my knee .. and tried it again ... at least thats what i was told ...
    war wounds are the coolest thing about BMX. period

  • benshota

    12/19/2009 4:32 AM

    the surprise of my amity forks ,cranks & frame arriving early which meant i could ride :D

  • MonsterLoveGreen

    12/19/2009 2:22 AM

    Sup Guy/Girl reading this,

    Waking up happily at 10:02 am i put on some skinnies, rotten vans shoes, and a shirt.
    The only things to take on this amazing voyage are the house keys, eye drops, and juke-box with earphones.
    As I walk in slow-mo to the backyard I feel my arm get goosebumps rapidly from the excitement of seeing my glorious bike! Leaving with hard nipples, pedaling calmingly to P-Rod park. I sense the wind punching me with nice relaxing summer air, listening to angry beats that sooth the mind wishing I could be stuck in this happyness.
    Arriving I notice the best people I will ever meet! We sweat our hearts through blood and pain from having real fun massacring the streets day and night. That is the memory i live every single day. Hopefully none of you great riders forget your roots.

    Summer 09'

  • Ty Callais

    12/19/2009 1:44 AM

    it wasnt actually riding but it was on our way home from a contest. on the freeway one of my friends in another car drove up and threw a bouncy ball threw the window. so in retaleation, in the back seat of my freinds small 2 door car i pissed in a condom to throw at em, but it ripped on my zipper and started leaking like water a balloon all over. i held it out the front window from the back seat trying to tie it off wile, ryan, the driver was laughin his ass off, and luke the one sitting in front of me was almost crying, screaming let it! go cuz it was spraying back in the car all over him! hahaha! in the end, i missed the throw at the other car so luke and i were coverd in piss 4 nothing. HaHaHa that was fun trip back when i had enough friends that rode to fill up 2 cars for a trip b4 they got sucked into only drinking and girl friends.

  • capnpimpk

    12/19/2009 1:22 AM

    I remember being 14 years old and going to the Vans Skatepark that used to be in milpitas, Ca. Back then This was the Spot. Sessions would sell out left and right. I remember one night we went to a session and i was the very last person let in with a line of about 50 more people behind me. I was so stoked i got to ride since milpitas is about an hour an a half away from my house. good times for sure. R.I.P Vans Miplitas!!!!

  • jessjarv

    12/18/2009 7:51 PM

    Favorite bmx memory is a hard thing to narrow down for sure. I guess one that stands out for me is the first time riding street in minneapolis, mn. I come from a tiny town in mn where the only thing we rode was a curb and some sketchy trails I had running, so this was just such a mind opening experience for sure. Plus I saw hobo's and prostitutes for the first time.... BONUS!!!!!