Vital BMX Game of Bike - GET READY! 28

Vital BMX Game of Bike - GET READY!The Vital BMX Game of Bike is this Saturday! Come check it out at Vans at The Block in Orange, CA or watch the live webcast on!

We teamed up with Vans, Dan's Comp, Haro, Pro-Tec, GoPro, and to throw 32 of the best riders in the world in a game of Bike tournament. All profits from the event will be donated to the Athlete Recovery Fund. It's going to be awesome!

Catfish will be hosting the festivities and we have an all-star lineup of judges - Robbie Morales, Allan Cooke, and Jay Roe.

Here's a rundown of the riders you can expect to see there -

Ronnie Napolitan
Dakota Roche
Drew Bezanson
Anthony Watkinson
Gary Young
Chad Kerley
Morgan Wade
Dennis Enarson
Alfredo Mancuso
Brian Hunt
Ryan Nyquist
Kevin Kiraly
Brett Banasiewicz
Pat Casey
Todd Meyn
Aaron Smith
Ben Hucke
Kelly Bolton
Josh Betley
Mark Webb
Dean Cueson
Colin Mackay
Tony Hamlin
Dave Dillewaard
Hoang Tran
Ryan "Biz" Jordan
Alex Kennedy
Lahsaan Kobza
Big Daddy
Miles Rogoish
Morgan Long

And, finally, here are the official rules and key points -

The Vital BMX Game of Bike is based on the traditional basketball game HORSE.

The judges will watch practice and seed the riders 1-32. Seeding is used to create the rider pairings for round one. Rider 1 will be matched against rider 32; rider 2 against rider 31; etc.

A coin toss will determine which rider goes first (in this example Rider A wins the coin toss).

Rider A is on offense, Rider B is on defense. Rider A will call out a trick and attempt it.  If Rider A pulls it, his opponent (rider B) must do the same trick on the same obstacle. If Rider B does not pull the trick, he receives a letter. If Rider B pulls the trick, he does not receive a letter.

Offense and defense alternate after every trick, regardless of whether the rider on offense pulls his trick.

The rider on offense can not receive a letter. Only the rider on defense can receive a letter.

Every missed trick by the rider on defense results in the rider on defense getting a letter. Once one rider gets B-I-K-E, the game is over and that rider is declared the loser. The winner will advance to the next round.

Assuming the match is within the time limit (see below), the rider on defense gets two tries before getting their final letter and being eliminated.

The rider on offense must pull their trick clean. The rider on defense is given more leeway.

The height of a trick doesn't need to be matched, but it needs to be in the same ballpark.

Riders are expected to use reasonable courtesy to accommodate their opponent’s bike setup. At their discretion, judges may take differences in bike setup into consideration when determining if a rider on defense has pulled a trick.

A rider can use a particular trick only one time in each match to score a point.

Anything that is questionable or not clearly covered by these rules will be decided by the judges. There are three judges. Decisions require only two judges to agree. Judges’ decisions are non-disputable.

The schedule assumes matches will last around seven minutes on average. Nine minutes into a match, a one minute warning will be given. Whoever is ahead at the ten minute point will be declared the winner.

Riders can not delay the match to sit on a lead. If no one is ahead at ten minutes, whoever receives the next point wins.

The rules may be modified in the interest of time.

If a rider is unopposed in a match due to a no-show from an opponent, that rider automatically advances to the next round.

Prize Money:
First: $6,500

Second: $2,500
Third: $1,000
Fourth: $100
Fifth: $100
Sixth: $100
Seventh: $100
Eighth: $100


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