Vital BMX Photo Special: Soul Bowl 2007  Click here to see 30 photos from the Soul Bowl contest. 

The annual Soul Bowl vert contest was held this weekend in Huntington Beach, CA, and a lot of the vert heavies were on hand for the comp. Take look at the list of riders in the finals and you will see an interesting mix of names: Chad Kagy, Simon Tabron, Jimmy Walker, Ben Snowden, Joe Rich, Francisco “Coco” Zurita, Zack Warden, Mike Mancuso, Tom Haugen, and Garrett Byrnes.

With the X Games less than a week away, some people expected a mellow contest, but that was not the case. Simon Tabron spun awesome 540 variations along with a 900. Chad Kagy let nearly all of his big tricks fly—but he’s probably sitting on some we don’t even know about. Zack Warden almost pulled a tailwhip-to-tailwhip-back. Mike Mancuso and Kagy both pulled flair-tailwhips, and Mike’s was so high and smooth that he walked away with the Hard Trick of the contest title, while Joe Rich put on a flow demo and took the Style Cat win.

In the overall contest, the top riders looked like this: Kagy in first, Tabron in second, Jimmy Walker in third, and Ben Snowden in fourth. Kagy also took the High Air win clocking in at around 13-feet, and if that wasn’t enough, he also won the Annual Manual contest by basically manualling the entire way around the Soul Bowl. Saying Chad Kagy had a good weekend would be a serious understatement.


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