Name: Zack Gerber

Age: 28

Hometown: Ridgway, PA

Current location: Columbus, OH

Sponsors: Albe's, The Daily Grind

The last time we caught up with you was back in August 2012 I believe, and a lot has definitely changed since then. How have you been between then and now and what sort of changes have taken place?

Oh, lots of stuff. At least in the BMX side of my life. My personal life not too much has changed. Back then my dad was battling cancer. Today I'm happy to say he's cancer free. Currently, I'm still in Ohio, too. On the other hand, my BMX life has changed substantially. I guess you could say I'm transitioning from a "professional" to a real world BMX rider.

I'm glad to hear your dad is doing well! I would say you've definitely seen your ups and downs, but do you care to elaborate a little bit on this transition? For those who haven't been keeping up with you, since the last time we talked you were riding for Snafu and Redline (Snafu who you parted ways with around September 2012 I believe, and Redline at the end of 2013). You've also joined The Daily Grind team, so you have definitely seen a fair amount of change.

After parting ways with Snafu, I went "full factory" for Redline, and rode for them for the remainder of 2013. Somewhere around Nov. 2013, Gremlin (Jon Bechtold) asked me to be a part of The Daily Grind team after finding out about my impending cut from Redline. As of now, I ride for The Daily Grind and, my constant, Albe's BMX mail order. Fortunately, I've had a lot of supporters help me get a new bicycle together. Shout out to Rick Moliterno over at Standard Byke Company for building me a custom frame, and the dudes over at BSD for all the fresh components on my bike. I'm grateful for awesome people like this in my life.

It's definitely good to see that you have some rad supporters still, so what's on the horizon for 2014? Do you have any riding trips planned or anything specific that you would like to accomplish either inside or outside of BMX?

I look forward to more Daily Grind road trips, maybe finishing the DVD my friends and I are working on, along with working on my Daily Grind DVD section and getting a job.

Awesome. I asked you this last time, but do you have any other crazy tricks up your sleeve?

Hahaha, I don't know. I just want to put something together I'm proud of.

Haha yeah I feel you! So tell us about your current setup.

Frame wise, pretty stereotypical street dimensions (75 head tube angle, 71 seat tube angle, 20.75 top tube, 11.8 BB height, 8.8 stand over, and 13.7 slammed chain stay length) but the tubing is OX platinum. OX platinum is 30% stronger than 4130 chromoly, so it's something I'm really happy about. Plus, it's American made by Rick Moliterno. Can't get much more awesome than that! Standard's pretty tight, too. They can make you whatever you want. It's cool to have something that you can call your own.

Component wise, I'm running the new The Daily Grind prototype hub guard. It's my rear non-drive side guard. Designed to be more universal, fit better on more frames, and last longer than any hub guard on the market. I'm hyped on it. Four steel guards on my bike as well, and a full guard sprocket. Thick 22mm BSD cranks and I love having a brown seat. Looks deece. Standard stem has no holes drilled in it, and the handlebars have a crossbar as thick as the bars themselves. Like I said, I'm loving my bike right now.

Which parts do you typically wear through the fastest?

The usual stuff. Tires and pedals.

What is one thing that the common Zack Gerber fan does not know about you?

Uhhh… I'm kind of a trivial nerd about mid school BMX videos. Videos like Shutter Speed - "The Dawn", Little Devil - "Criminal Mischief", and any Square One or FBM video from that era. I grew up watching those videos everyday, so I know a lot of the songs, tricks, and spots by heart.

I think it's often overlooked that we all have lives outside of BMX. So what kind of hobbies and other things take up your time?

I enjoy drawing. Mostly dumb cartoons. I also enjoy tinkering. I like taking things apart and seeing how they work. I enjoy theoretical conversations about the sociological and cultural influences in today's modern world. I enjoy understanding and talking about the hows and whys of human life. I'm also into politics, conspiracy theories, and UFOs. Recently, I've been making large models of triangles, and examining the pythagorean theorem by hand. I know I sound crazy, but it's interesting stuff to me. I like thinking.

That was definitely a far more interesting answer than I expected. I would say that most people would answer such a question with far less detail. Anyways, my last real question would have to be what are some of the craziest things you've encountered on the Internet?

Hahaha. Yeah, but I'm just being honest. I guess I could've just said video games.

As anyone who knows me will say I watch some of the weirdest stuff online. Here's one I posted a few weeks ago. Weird cat video from Japan called Michael. Also, YouTube video creators like Cyriak always have weird creative stuff. I'm not above watching gnarly crash videos either. Cars, boats, planes, whatever. Luckily I have enough friends on Facebook outside of the US that post some of the most disturbing and violent videos I've seen. I watch all that stuff usually before I ride. Lol.

Hahahaha, I just watched that "Michael" video and it was great. Any final words?

Nice! I got two quotes.

"Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses." -Plato

"Rule your mind, or it will rule you." -Buddha

Frame: Standard Byke Company custom

Fork: Fiend

Bars: Standard Strip Bars

Stem: Standard Top Load

Grips: ODI

Bar Ends: Daily Grind BMX

Seat: BSD Beverage

Seat Post: BSD Blitzed

Cranks: BSD Substance

Sprocket: Daily Grind Millennium

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC

Chain: Shadow

Pegs: Odyssey M-peg

Tires: Cult

Front Wheel: Gsport Ribcage laced to Daily Grind front hub with both Daily Grind guards

Rear Wheel: Gsport Ribcage laced to Alienation freecoaster with both Daily Grind guards

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  • Stacy_Buchkowsky

    2/15/2014 6:17 AM

    killer set up ..

  • Chuck8273

    1/22/2014 10:48 PM

    LUKE!!!!! What's up man! Good to see you're still lurking around here, man!

    Glad to see Gerber riding some sweet parts!