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10 Questions with Harry Main about Harrymania 2
Harrymania 2 was definitely one of the most anticipated online releases of 2014. Based on the feedback and incredible number of views, I think it’s safe to say it lived up to and possibly even exceeded all expectations. We reached out to Harry to get ... more »
Jason Lopez and The Video That Happend Twice
I’ve been familiar with Jason Lopez for a few years now. I always knew he was a good rider, but Jason really took his riding to the next level with the video he just dropped. I was even more impressed when I learned that he actually had to do everything
... more »
Josh Betley's 2nd Attempt at a Tie Dye Bike
Remember a few months ago Josh Betley tried to tie dye his bike? Well, it didn't quite work out as planned. Fast forward, and he tried a different method that worked out a bit better. Here's how Josh said he did it - “ You get a large bucket of water and spray paint on ... more »
BMX-Shop.com Product Spot
We have been naming this Essentials for a while now and it seemed fit to change it because there are so many good products coming out and not all of them are essentials. We are teaming up with BMX-Shop.com and re-branding this feature as the "Product
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Who Is Blake Peters?
It seems like some brands are adding new riders all of the time. Premium is not one of those brands. Since day one, Premium has always been a prestigious team to be a part of and, with riders like Chad Kerley and Connor Lodes holding it down, that prestige
... more »
Kris Bennett; More Take Over Deluxe BMX
Big changes at Deluxe... Deluxe founder Mark Noble recently took a job with CSG UK that has left him unable to spend the time he feels is necessary on Deluxe. In order to keep the brand alive and moving forward, Mark has handed over the keys ... more »
Doeby Huynh Introduces Likewise
Doeby Hyunh. Photo by Tom Perry.
Chances are you’ve taken notice of a badass young filmer from San Diego that goes by the name of Doeby (and seen a handful of videos he's produced here on Vital). I’ll be honest - I feel like one day he just got really damn good behind the ... more »
Bike Check: Camila Harambour
Camila Harambour is from Chile, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and, if you somehow didn’t know it already, kills it on her bike. Chances are you saw her Power Hour we just dropped and, to follow that up, here’s an up-close look at her personal ride.
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Ask Tom Dugan a Question!
Have a question for Tom Dugan? Here's your chance to ask! Post it in the comments section below. We're sitting down Tom soon and will ask him some of our favorites. GO!
Demolition's New & Improved Machete Tire
One of the most popular tires in the BMX world just got a facelift.
Demolition recently moved manufacturers with their tire mold and improved the whole thing all around. And, to go along with the improvements, it’s now available in 2.4! What ... more »

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