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Bike Check: Alex Coleborn's Total BMX
Alex Coleborn has given us the pleasure of giving us the rundown on his brand new setup. What do you think of the orange colour way? We think it looks real good.
Frame: Total BMX HANGOVER Fork: ... more »
Mike Brennan Talks Stepping Down From Pro
Mike Brennan is a lifer in the BMX game. Through years of burliness on his bike and more recently as one of the driving forces behind parts-brand Merritt, his influence has been felt by nearly every rider that has closely followed BMX in the ... more »
Stolen X Multicam 24" Cruiser
Stolen and Multicam camouflage teamed up to create a badass bike for a great cause. Details below - Stolen has teamed up with Multicam to create this one of a kind 24” BMX cruiser.  The bike has been donated to Crye Precision’s annual SHOT Show silent ... more »
Social Scrum - 1/19/15
The internet is a crazy place. Did you catch all of this social media madness over the past few weeks? If so congratulations. If not, enjoy below. A video posted by Jourdan Barba (@jourdanbarba) on Jan 18, 2015 at 9:09pm PST CAPTION: @heyraytru and me crankarm teamwork filmed by ... more »
The Ten Best BMX Video Part Songs of All Time
What would a video part be without music? A bunch of color-corrected raw footage with the occasional ramped slow-mo, I suppose. Not too exciting. Music is damn near as important as the riding in a video part. If the song sucks and the riding ... more »
Profile's First 2015 Limited Color
Winged P wrap. Available in RHD and LHD mini hubs. Out now. Boom! Hit up Profile's site to stay informed.
Mark Losey Discusses BMX's New Ranking System
In a world where pro riders love to complain about not being invited to certain events, Mark Losey has risen as the savior that BMX needs. Well, that may be a bit exaggerated, but either way, Mark has developed a rankings system that, quite ... more »
Dan's Comp "Roll Call" Sections
Dan’s Comp’s first ever full-length video, Roll Call , dropped just over a year ago. The sections are starting to hit the web. Check below and give them all a watch - Tony Neyer Stevie Churchill Broc Raiford Trey Jones Hoang Tran / Tony Hamlin Seth Kimbrough ... more »
2015 Colony Castaway Complete
The 2015 Colony Castaway complete is centered around Colony's aftermarket Castaway frame and comes stock with plenty of other aftermarket components. Learn more by watching the video below.
Cross-Dressing, Stephen Colbert, and BMX: Alex Schuler Talks Riding in High Heels
Do you ever watch The Colbert Report? If not, you really should. It’s funny AND educational at the same time! If you’re a frequent viewer, chances are you recently caught congresswoman Nancy Pelosi throwing down some hot moves on a BMX bike. Well, believe
... more »

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