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Seven Questions: DeMarcus Paul
DeMarcus Paul has become much more of a household name over the past year and, as of this week, word is out that he has officially joined Volume's pro team. We caught up with DeMarcus to learn how he ended up at his new home... ... more »
Bike Check: Jay Cowley
Jay Cowley is one stylish rider and juggles his life around being a pro rider for Diamondback Europe and running his own bike shop in northern Devon. We hit him up to get the rundown of his brand new Nightseeker setup.
Name: Jay Cowley Age: ... more »
Mike Fede Bike Check and Q&A
After parting ways with Hyper at the beginning of the year, Mike Fede is now doing his thing on a custom Lairdframe made by none other than Mike Laird himself. We decided to catch up with Mike to take a look at his ride as well as see what he has going
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Profile "Saber" Sprockets Now Available
Profile's new Saber sprocket is now available for your pedaling pleasure. The sprocket's unique design utilizes a universal adapter insert which gives you the option to run either 19mm or 22mm, bolt-on or splined driven cranks. Who doesn't like options?
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We all ride bikes and one time or another we are going to come into a problem, so we have searched the store of BMX-Shop for some essentials that are small, easy to fit in your backpack, and essential. Innertube - First thing is first, inner tubes. Every
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Photo of the Week: 3/31/14 - 4/6/14
 Oleg_Yarovoy - Flair
caseyjsmith - Brett Curtis foot jamEric Palmer - Stuart Loudonmanniedamaniac - time machineTruc de Fou - Jb Peytavit{poll:280} ... more »
United Collaboration
When a brand releases a product into the huge market it can sometimes get lost, United have gone out of their way to create seven variations of their two stems that collaborate with seven of the UK's best rider owned stores. We caught up with Dean Hearne
Seven collaborations, fourteen models.
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Nice Touch - The Carl Ruckley Interview
Carl Ruckley aka Ruckerz is an ex hair model (yes, you read that right) and a professional automotive painter. He hails from Southampton and I first met him at the Ghetto Shed many years ago. His main job involves repairing and spraying cars, but on
Matt Sheppard's Custom Woodgrain Total BMX Voltron
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Bell Helmets Presents: Dig This
Bell Helmets are giving away $100,000 to three trail scenes to help build their dream projects. Hit up the dedicated website and get voting!
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Photo of the Week: 3/24/14 - 3/30/14
 Eric Palmer - Colin Loudon
Eric Palmer - Malcolm PetersKCBMX - Binny OrrellEric Palmer - David RigbyBrokenbmx - Dylan Thayer{poll:279} ... more »

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