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Planning A Jam - Tips For Your Next Jam
Following on from our Keeping The Scene Alive’ article. I wanted to delve into a bit more details on organising a jam and present a step by step plan of action into organising a jam.
Clifton Skatepark - Photo by: Maverick Skatepark
1. Location - Firstly you need to decide where you want to hold your jam, ... more »
Fit FK Forks
Fit's new American-made FK forks come in two different models, a traditional setup (FK 1.3) and one specific for modern day technical street riding (FK 1.0), so surely one or the other is suitable for your needs. Check out the FK 1.0 version
... more »
Keeping The Scene Alive
BMX has been tough recently. We all know a lot of riders have been cut, companies have struggled, and sales are down overall. So why does keeping a scene alive effect all this? Firstly, if a scene dies and one rider quits that is one less rider
Photos provided to us by Isaac Lesser.  Left photo by Bommel, bottom left by Commit BMX
... more »
Bobbie Altiser Bike Check + Q&A
Front brake master Bobbie Altiser joined the Colony team a little over two years ago and has been killing it ever since. In a world full of crankarm grinds and 180s out of icepick grinds, Bobbie has kept it 100% original. We caught up with Bobbie ... more »
Photo of the Week: 4/21/14 - 4/27/14
mikeology - Gypo trails
MaxOrsini - intabes tapPedalPark - 360 tableDutchy - Felix Stinshoff sequencetailwip - tweaked can jam{poll:283} ... more »
Pascal Lafontaine Bike Check and Q&A
After parting ways with Superstar back in August, Montreal local Pascal Lafontaine has started getting the hook-up from UK-based brand Social Bike Co. He's built up a brand new ride and has a busy schedule ahead of him the rest of the year including filming
... more »
Essentials #2
We thought we'd put together another Essentials article for you after the last article was well received. So here are five more essentials to have on your bike and in your bag.
Subrosa Bar Ends
Bar Ends - I can't stress enough how important bar ends are. ... more »
Rolling In Style #4
Four months since we started our Rolling in Style feature and we have so many good bikes being uploaded daily. Here are our top five from April.
Safacan's Sunday Gary Young - Definitly my favourite from this month, the seaform Odyssey parts really stand out with ... more »
A Family Man - Leon Perkins Interview
After seeing Leon Perkins drop a bike check for his two year old kid which gained a lot of attention, we thought we would send him a few questions about family life, riding, sponsors, and starting his own clothing brand.
Photo: Rob Collier
Leon, tell us a little ... more »
Catching Up with Mike Spinner
Although he hasn't been in the public eye much as of late, Mike Spinner has been a busy man. From holding down one of the dopest backyard ramps in the world to starting a new sports nutrition company, Mike has a lot going on. We hit him with ... more »

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