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Anthony Napolitan Talks Dreamline 2014
Let’s be honest - there aren’t nearly enough good dirt events. Fortunately, the event that pretty much everyone agrees is the best of the best is returning this fall! Red Bull Dreamline 2014 will take place this October in Asheville, North Carolina.
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Blank 2015 Completes
Blank really stepped it up with their 2014 bikes offering great looking bikes with spec's to match at a low price. For 2015 they have up'd the quality once again and produced some even better looking bikes. Price wise the Hustla, all the way to the Spirit
Blank 2015 Diablo Complete
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Devon Smillie and a Collapsed Lung
Over 30,000 people follow Devon Smillie on Instagram. If you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance you're one of them. If you’re one of them, you should already be aware that Devon was recently locked up in the hospital for a few days with a
Photo by Francis Castro.
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Anthony McGuirk - Life After Hyper
When a rider loses their biggest sponsor it always comes as a shock, so we caught up with Anthony McGuirk to ask how life has been after he was let go from Hyper not long back.
Photo Supplied by: Animal / Robin Kitchin
Yo Anton, how are things? Hey Chris, things were going pretty well ... more »
Josh Perry Speaks on Front Brakes, Moving, & More
I’ve known Josh Perry for a long time. Josh has always been an amazing rider, but he really took his skills to the next level when he moved from Cape Cod, MA to Greenville, NC about seven years ago. Since then, Josh has killed it on his bike, underwent
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Essentials #4
We are back with more essential products we think you should own. This feature is proudly presented by BMX-Shop.com. Vocal DRS bottom bracket - If you have ever done a tailwhip and had the cranks spin on you, you know it can end badly. ... more »
Brad McNicol on Odyssey: Q+A & Bike Check
We have spent the week with Brad McNicol hanging out and filming for a new exclusive video. Since our last encounter he has been added to the Odyssey UK team, so we caught up with him for a quick bike check and a few questions. Frame: ... more »
Ryan Taylor: The Double Flair Interview
Double flairs are crazy. While the desire is obviously there, no one has really been able to figure them out and dial them in. Kevin Robinson pulled one on vert at X-Games in 2006 but, to the best of my knowledge, only pulled the one. I watched Kyle ... more »
Colony Guardian Forks
Learn all about the Guardian forks from Colony by watching this quick promo.
Profile - Red, Polished, and Blue Hubs
Celebrate your patriotism with some Red, Polished, and Blue hubs from Profile. There were only 100 sets made so get yours today!

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