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Demolition 2014 Summer Tee Flipbook
Demolition has a fresh line of tees for their summer line. Check them out below.
Rolling in Style #6
We are in the last few days of the month, so that means it is time for five more amazing user bike checks. As usual we have had many new bike checks submitted, but these caught our eyes.
Xxohioanxx’s FBM Steadfast - This is one clean looking bike, you can tell ... more »
Bike Check: Sam Jones
We caught up with BSD and Dub UK rider Sam Jones to find out about his current setup. Keep checking back for his Power Hour dropping soon.
Frame: BSD WZA Forks: BSD Ghettos Bars: BSD Girraffic Stem: BSD race Grips: Eclat Moon Cranks: BSD Spocket: ... more »
Splash On Your Dash
Desktop and phone wallpapers are the modern day equivalent to a poster on your bedroom wall, So we are teaming up with brands monthly to give you a brand new set of wallpapers. First up of our good friends at Colony have provided three wallpapers for
... more »
Subrosa Noster Necklace
These Noster necklaces from Subrosa will only be available for a limited time so get yours here today!
Total Expansion - New USA Distributor
Colony's Clint Millar has now taken over distributing Total BMX in the USA after a huge demand for it. So we caught up with Clint and Total BMX owner Ronnie Remo to get a few words on the change. Remo, why did you change distributors in the USA? We had
... more »
Bike Check: Ryan Winterbotham
Ryan Winterbotham has just returned from an extended trip to the states where he got a brand new ride from his sponsor Colony.
Photo by: @xcooperbrownleex
Frame: Colony sweet tooth 21" Forks: Colony Dagger Bar: Colony 24/7 Stem: Colony Official front load Grips: Colony ... more »
S&M Intrikat Gold Zinc Kit
This limited edition S&M Intrikat kit is lookin' fresh!
Bike Check: Mark Webb
Mark Webb is finally back on the bike and has a brand new setup. We caught up with him at the Prevail Skatehouse Monday Mayhem jam to check out what he is now riding. You'll be surprised.
Frame: Total BMX Voltron V2 Forks: Total BMX GS Forks ... more »
Kink 2015 Completes
Kink's 2015 completes are available now and are all looking great. Check them out below.

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