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Bike Check: Mark Webb
Mark Webb is finally back on the bike and has a brand new setup. We caught up with him at the Prevail Skatehouse Monday Mayhem jam to check out what he is now riding. You'll be surprised.
Frame: Total BMX Voltron V2 Forks: Total BMX GS Forks ... more »
Kink 2015 Completes
Kink's 2015 completes are available now and are all looking great. Check them out below.
May Photo Recap
Every day we get to see some amazing photos that our users upload, but these are just a handful of the amazing shots that we featured throughout the month of May 2014. Check them out below. Andrew Jesus throwing a flair at the Marseille bowl. Photo credit: Mike Askari
360 table from Malcolm Peters at sunset. Photo credit: Eric PalmerMartin Capek laying down a huge table in Vapenka, Czech Republic. Photo credit: Milan TykalAbsolutely massive front flip from David Rigby. Photo credit: Eric Palmer ... more »
Essentials #3
Today we are back with another BMX-Shop Essentials article.
DK golf bag
DK Golf bag - No you are not encouraging you to quit BMX and take up golf, we are simply trying to help you avoid some unnecessary baggage fees on your next BMX trip across Europe. ... more »
Art Talk: Ben Hucke
In addition to being a pro rider, Ben Hucke has recently been heavily focusing on his artistic side. We caught up with him to learn more about his roots, thoughts, and plans within this venture.
You've been around in the BMX game for a while ... more »
Rolling In Style #5
Five more great user bike checks from this month. Which is your favourite? Do not forget to submit your bikes to our bike check section. The best photos usually get highlighted on our Facebook page.
Jordan Prince's Lairdframe
1. Jordan Prince's Lairdframe - This is an ... more »
Mike Gray Bike Check + Q&A
Mike Gray found himself a home on Haro Bikes shortly after his former sponsor (Diamondback) left the BMX realm. I think it's safe to say that Mike is adjusting well to his new ride. Take a closer look at Mike's Haro/ Demolition setup along with some insight ... more »
Q+A: Josh James on Boqer123
If you haven't heard of Josh James or the Boqer123 YouTube channel in the UK you're living under a rock. Despite having no major sponsors Josh lives the BMX dream, doesn't have a normal job and lives off making videos for YouTube. We caught up with him
Photo: Clem Hencher-Stevens
... more »
Ben Hucke Bike Check + Q&A
After Diamondback USA's departure from the BMX world, Ben Hucke has been without a frame sponsor. However, Ben isn't in any rush to find a new home. Because Ben rides for Dan's Comp, he can get his hands on any frame he wants pretty easily. ... more »
The Kunstform Monthly
We have teamed up with Europes largest BMX shop Kunstform to promote five amazing offers, products, or amazing features that this site has to offer and boy are they good.  For instance, Kunstform have the best custom bike builder I have ever seen.
... more »

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