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Rolling In Style #8
We're back (and with a slight delay to posting) with a new "Rolling In Style" feature. Five great user bike checks that you should check out.
I.Cookies Superstar CompassS3.5 BMXers - Series 3.5 AitkenLachlanPriest's - S&M ATFAdiXD's Sunday 3rd WaveBMX_150's United Martinez ... more »
Stolen BMX 2015 Catalog
Stolen just dropped their 2015 catalog that features all sorts of dope new stuff including (but not limited to) signature complete bikes for Sean Morr, Jackson Ratima, and Ralphy Ramos. Hit this link and check out all of the new goods!
Ryan Guettler Interview - Leaving Colony, Joining Hyper
Ryan Guettler is no stranger to the BMX world. With years of experience under his belt and a mind for taking things to the next level, Ryan recently parted ways with long-time sponsor Colony and joined the Hyper / Snafu family. In addition to being a
Photo: Colin Mackay
... more »
Introducing Vital BMX Game of BIKE: Street
After running three Vital BMX Game of BIKE events, we've decided to switch it up a bit. This year, we'll be hosting two events - a street Game of BIKE and a park Game of BIKE! Early October, sixteen of the best street riders in the world will ... more »
Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals
Learn all about the Fantastic Plastic pedal from Colony by watching this quick video.
Haro is in Malaysia
Aside from disappearing planes and a FISE event that didn’t quite happen, we haven’t heard a whole lot about Malaysia lately. Haro team manager Colin Mackay rounded up four team riders and headed that way in search of adventure, good riding,
The crew (minus Matthias) on the long road to Malaysia.
... more »
Kink Wright Tire
Kink pro Lloyd Wright has a new signature tire. He just celebrated its release with a banging new video, but let's take a minute to give a closer look to the hot new product from one of the most reputable brands in the game. - Weight: ... more »
10 Questions with Harry Main about Harrymania 2
Harrymania 2 was definitely one of the most anticipated online releases of 2014. Based on the feedback and incredible number of views, I think it’s safe to say it lived up to and possibly even exceeded all expectations. We reached out to Harry to get ... more »
Jason Lopez and The Video That Happened Twice
I’ve been familiar with Jason Lopez for a few years now. I always knew he was a good rider, but Jason really took his riding to the next level with the video he just dropped. I was even more impressed when I learned that he actually had to do everything
... more »
Josh Betley's 2nd Attempt at a Tie Dye Bike
Remember a few months ago Josh Betley tried to tie dye his bike? Well, it didn't quite work out as planned. Fast forward, and he tried a different method that worked out a bit better. Here's how Josh said he did it - “ You get a large bucket of water and spray paint on ... more »

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