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Product Blog: Vans Dunbar 3
Vans Dunbar 3
If you're looking for a great all-around shoe, you might want to check out the Vans Dunbar 3. Vans beefed up the original model to take a harder beating than before, with a wider profile, fully padded internal tongue, reinforced stitching, and ... more »
Kevin "Frog" Spanier Interview
What can sleep on a lilly pad, eat flies, say "ribbet," and throw down some of the most insane tricks on a BMX bike? Florence Frog! His real name is Kevin Spanier and he's a teammate of mine on SNAFU, and a fellow Failure. I've known Frog for years and
Photo by Justin Kosman
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Slayer Shoes from Vans!
While poking around the Vans website I found something that froze me in my tracks—a Slayer collaboration shoe! This is not a shoe "inspired by" Slayer, this is a real-deal collaboration Slayer shoe! Slip on and high-tops available. Amazing.
Slayer shoes from Vans!
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SNAFU Love Seats
Difficult as this might be to believe, there are still riders out there who prefer the greater adjustability of a saddle with rails. If you’re one of these guys, we’ve got your seat. There are three new cover designs on this year’s Love seat, but the
SNAFU Love Seats
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Hoffman Condor Complete: New Price & Limited Green Color
This just in from Hoffman Bikes. Complete Condor completely green. That's right... "Hello Hoffman Fans: Our good friend the Leprechaun stopped by our last production run and decided to add a little Bright Green to the Condor's wings. He also ... more »
2009 Ola Sprocket
For decades, smarter engineers at bigger companies than ours have tried to reinvent the bicycle sprocket, with limited success. In the ‘70s Addicks made BMX chainrings from plastic. Result? Disintegration and bankruptcy. Shimano followed suit ... more »
Osiris Chino Mid
Check out the Chino Mid shoe from Osiris. Here are some specs: Vulcanized sole for increased flexibility and superior feel. Aggressive herringbone pattern for MPG. Paneled upper for added support and durability. Mid top styling for added ... more »
Nike 6.0 Air Zoom Converge
Check out the new Air Zoom Converge from Nike 6.0. Here's some info on it straight from Nike: "An all-new shoe built to blow doors, the Men’s Nike 6.0 Air Zoom Converge is truly our most responsive kick to date. The Converge rocks a redesigned, ... more »
Eclat Frontload Stem
Check out this new frontload stem Eclat has in the works. This is what they had to say about it on their site: "We've been working on a new frontload stem, and we've finally got some photos of the finished samples. The new stem will be available ... more »
Win a Copy of Kink's Safety First DVD
Kink recently released its new video title "Safety First," and it is damn good. Now you have a chance to win a copy of the DVD and have it shipped straight to your door. Here's all you have to do to win. Click here to go to the Kink site, check out their products, ... more »

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