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Ogio Metro Backpack
The Ogio Metro backpack has become my official backpack of choice for short trips. True, it's not huge. True, it may be difficult to pack all of your BMX gear inside. But, however, it's perfect for what it's made for. The Metro backpack features ... more »
Tony Hamlin On Kink Q&A
A few weeks ago I got word that Kink was going to announce a new rider on their pro team. Being curious, I hit up KC Badger and asked him who it was. KC told me he couldn't tell me who it is, but it makes perfect sense and shouldn't be hard to figure
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Deluxe Frame
Deluxe aims for simplicity with this new frame that's built for going fast. According to Deluxe, it's stable, fast, light, durable, and classic; everything they wanted in a BMX frame. Check out the specs for both sizes and then click the image ... more »
New Brian Wizmerski Shirts from Eastern
Brian Wizmerski recently joined the Eastern team and went straight to work filming for an Inside Out video and designing three cool Eastern shirts named The Tux, Haters, and Stripe. Concepts by Wiz. All Eastern tee's are printed on 100% Cotton American
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We The People Tires
We The People recently released two new tires; the Grippin and the Feelin. The Grippin tire features a low profile semi-tread design, constructed of a durable grip compound with traction improvers. There are two versions and two sizes ... more »
SNAFU Mayweather Crankset
The SNAFU camp has been cranking out tons of cool new goods lately, including this new Mayweather Crankset. Look at the photo and get into the specs. -1” O.D. x 1.4mm wall round crank arms -Both arms feature integrated twin drive pin receiver ... more »
Premium's Kevlar-Bead Tires
Lightweight is a must in BMX these days, and Premium's new Kevlar-Bead Tire will help contribute to your bike's diet. 20.8 ounces for the front, 17.6 ounces in the back—that's no joke.
Long Live Colors
Remember a short time ago when the only color BMX parts seemed to come in were black? Thank goodness we got past that. Hoffman Bikes is not afraid to throw colors around, and they do some super-limited product runs that you can only get through ... more »
Redline's Device Rame with Crackle Finish
This is Redline's new Device frame and the crackle finish that Tyrone Williams designed. Here is what Redline had to say about this: The Tyrone Williams’ inspired “Crackle” finished DEVICE frames have just arrived and are selling like ... more »
SE Quadangle Looptail
Interested in a blast from the past with a modern twist? The SE and DC have you covered. SE's Todd Lyons just sent over some photos that will have you drooling, along with this note. "Just a quick heads up that we will be releasing sales of the SE/DC
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