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Fly Bikes Ruben Ligera Tire
Here is some info on Ruben's newest tire from Fly Bikes: Ruben came up with this design with those square holes to make it more grippy, specially in trails, and have a different feeling. The main change is on the rear one. it has a a more knobby ... more »
KHE Geisha Light Backwheel
Here's some info from KHE on their new Geisha Light backwheel: This is the new KHEbikes lightweight freecoaster wheel for flatland/Street use. It consists of our lightes parts, like the KHE Geisha light hub (with crmo studs and crmo nuts), ... more »
Hoffman Generator Wheels
Some specs on the new Generator wheels courtesy of Hoffman. GENERATOR FRONT WHEEL Combine a Generator Front Hub with a Generator Rim for maximum rolling efficiency. Colors: Black, White, Purple Haze, Flat Teal, CP Spec: 32h or 36h Generator ... more »
Simple Frames
A quick rundown on the frame line from Simple.
SNAFU Love Seat
Here's some info on the Love Seat courtesy of SNAFU. -Lowest profile, lightest weight padded SNAFU seat ever -Tough molded nylon pan with heavy-duty rail brackets -Lightweight plastic nose and edge guards -UltraFoam padding—super lightweight ... more »
Alienation Rims
A quick rundown on rims from Alienation.
Failure Seats/Seatpost
Check out Failure's new seat and seat post line for '09:
... more »
DK Random Wrench V2
This is DK's second version of their incredibly popular Random Wrench. Here's a rundown on all of the features: 15mm pedal wrench 15mm deep socket 17mm deep socket 5mm allen driver 6mm allen driver Integrated spoke wrench end cap. Redesigned ... more »
SNAFU Stout & Lite Hubs
Some info on a new front and back hub courtesy of SNAFU: STOUT CASSETTE Forged and CNC machined alloy hub body 14mm hollow chromoly axle Four sealed bearings (2 in hub, 2 in cassette) Lightweight asymmetrical design CNC’ed chromoly 17mm ... more »
DK Tsuka Grips
Check out DK's new Tsuka grips. Here is some info on them straight from DK: DK’s new Tsuka Grip is now available! Colors: Black, White, Purple, and Team Marble. Medium diameter “mushroom” style grip, super soft and comfortable. Tsuka (pronounced ... more »

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