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Animal's Ralph Sinisi Interview
New Jersey’s Animal Bike Company has been a driving force in BMX since the day the company began. The Animal crew puts out parts riders want, and the riding that the team gets done is some of the most progressive street you will ever see. To give you
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Mongoose Shield Complete Bike
Simon Tabron's bike of choice. Maybe this rig will help you do 900's, too... Check below for the specs. Shield™ • 20.75” top tube, 13.75” rear, Butted SANKO SEAMLESS cromo frame • Tapered rear stays with laser cut dropouts • Mid press-fit machined ... more »
Brad Simms Interview
Brad Simms is flat-out incredible on a BMX bike, and those skills have put him on airplanes headed around the world for the past year, getting to sample scenes in countries most will never see. Vital BMX asked Brad some questions to give you some insight
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Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals
Colony's Fantastic Plastic pedals are some of the lightest pedals on the market and they'll be available late this September. Click here for more photos and info on them from Colony's site.
Animal Ties, Pegs, and Bars
Animal sent over three new BMX parts for you to check out: the Animal GLH-R tire (available in 1.95", 2.1", 2.25"), Animal Light Pegs (14mm, 3/8", or combo), and the Animal Sway Bars. Good stuff--New Jersey represent.
Levi's® & Tilly's BMX Demos in SoCal
Levi’s® and Tilly’s are bringing the Levi’s® BMX team back to Southern California just days after X Games 14! The team will ride at two Tilly’s stores in Orange County. Catch the Levi’s®
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Tree Front Hub
Remember what goes down at Tree headquarters? If not, watch this watch this to refresh your memory. This is Tree's new front hub. It's been in the works for quite a while and here are some of the features on it: -weight is 235g/ 8.4oz -Removable ... more »
Choose What Color Levi's Morgan Wade Wears
You saw Morgan rocking purple Levi's® jeans at the X Games, right? Now is your chance to vote on what color Levi's® he'll wear at the upcoming Dew Tour stops. The colors range from inferno red to tree hugger green to iceberg blue. You choose ... more »
Osiris Diego Shoe
This is the Diego from Osiris. Drew Hosselton has been riding in this shoe for a few months and has given it rave reviews, so here is a closer look at the specs from Osiris: OSIRIS SUPER GRIP rubber compound w/ diamond flex design Vulcanized ... more »
New MirraCo Shirts
These are MirraCo's four new shirt designs. They're available in multiple colors and sizes, so you can look fresh and support MirraCo all at the same time. Click here for more info on MirraCo's site.

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