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7/5/2014 11:03 PM

Call Dibs and paypal

21" Sunday Funday Frame w/ Odyssey Mid Bottom Bracket installed
Frame is brakeless. No dents, dings, rewelds etc.
This frame was recently powder-coated Gloss Black.
The base coat underneath is the original Ocean Blue.

What is so RAD about this is.. when you hurt her she bleeds blue.
If you hurt her enough you'll have a splatter-paint bike on your hands.
Chances are since it's a brakeless you'll hurt her plenty and have a splatter Funday in no time!

This is a seriously nice frame and was re-powdered very well.

$180 shipped. (orginal MSRP on these was $369.00 plush tax)
I've got an R32 with serious paint issue but no structural issues that I'll provide the buyer with pictures of, for a cheap ad on to the frame purchase, if interested I'll provide pics to the buyer. inquire after purchase.

A little tire rub exposes the base coat on the inside of the right chain stay/seat stay. Can't see it when wheel is mounted.

Downtube is nearly flawless. One little knick is hard to catch in pics. 1st owner didn't leave the ground much (Or the house).

I figured some Ocean Blue / Sky Blue Top Tube Decals were appropriate. Applied them an hour ago. Flawless.

Just a reminder this is a 41thermal heat treated chromoly frame that is Light as Heck and indestructible. Just sayin! :D

Bottom of ChainStays-Flawless

Bleeds blue with a knick on the downtube. Shelfware type of knick. At least on this frame knicks are cool.

For sale locally and in other forums. ACT NOW. This is the 2nd place I will delete the thread if it sells elsewhere. Dib with confidence. In the unlikely occurrence you that call dibs, pay, and it sold I'd refund immediately plus five dollars for your trouble. Check my feedback. Buy it!

7/6/2014 12:55 PM

Or best reasonable cash offer.

7/7/2014 8:50 PM


/ / /M POWER (OO=[][]=OO) /O==[][]==O\

7/8/2014 2:44 PM

This sold for 150 shipped last night.