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PS Vita

11/22/2012 7:26 PM

I need some money. Ill think about trading for something but cash offers will be more likely to get me to sell it.

PS Vita mint condition. It has no scratches on the vita. There are scratches on the plastic protectors I have over the vita. It'll come with the Vita, power cord and brick, the box, a carrying case, two games (Mortal Kombat and Modnation racers), and an 8gb memory card. The AR cards haven't been opened so they are brand new. If you buy it the Vita will already have the memory card inside of it so don't think I didn't send it.

Im asking $200 for it. Shipping will depend on where you live. I cant imagine it would be too much. I wont ship out of the U.S.

Refs: FreddyDapice, Skids007, siege eh

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