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Vital BMX member Jaekass
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12/31/2012 7:46 PM

We're you able to get the bars out

Formerly cassledank

Superstar DK x2 , netty x2, ecuadevil

netty speghetti

Vital BMX member netty speghetti
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12/31/2012 8:59 PM

Jaekass wrote:

We're you able to get the bars out

They were shipped out friday

I'm a mom that still rides lil kid bikes - old/midschool GT BMX guru
refs: TCbmx(x3),Ecuadevil(x2), Ron44ald, Spikez5, The Balt, Pleasedontdeleteme(x2), Aguers(x2), Effigy(x3), Warchol2, Dees Hos(x2), ScramHype, Showtime402, Sancheezz, Phocraken(traded), pcoco, Nike ID,1of1547,aw123412,BEASTASSDICK(x2), mike_1033,russellonabike, Fad3r, Chuck8273, verdecustom,FreddyDapice, bmxscout48


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1/5/2013 11:27 PM

50 on frame

]riding bmx is what i do

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