Best frame under $250?

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Vital BMX member SmithVikings
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6/15/2014 8:31 AM

What is the best frame in your opinion under $250? I just sold my BSD Trailorpark and I don't know why


Vital BMX member sketchytravis
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6/15/2014 1:17 PM

i think theres wifis on sale for 209 on dans and the trailorpark for 229 lol

idk those are both nice for things and stuff

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Vital BMX member Brayden_Buckingham
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6/15/2014 6:45 PM

Subrosa Noster is around 275$ - 290$ but for the price it's one of the best you can get. Simone is one of the top street riders out on my opinion , and some stuff he does on that frame is mentaalll ! HUGE fucking 180 drops and super technical riding as well. Subrosa is a solid brand too. I'd go for that , even if it's slightly more.

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Vital BMX member Thomas_Kerrigan
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6/16/2014 8:28 AM

Save up the extra $50 and get a solid cultass directly from solid.. True-temper tubeset, pretty classic geo, usa made, and im pretty sure solid is offering free shipping.


Vital BMX member eskimojay
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6/16/2014 8:43 AM

Ebay se heavy hitter frame.....big daddy is the man

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