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Bike color ideas

7/24/2008 10:54 PM

What should i paint my bike like. What parts what color?


7/24/2008 10:56 PM

paint it what ever color you want, its your bike

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7/24/2008 10:59 PM

im doin raw and metallic purple

ride big or ride home

7/24/2008 11:07 PM

lol thats what i was going to do that except black white and metalic purple... but i still want more ideas


7/24/2008 11:12 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/24/2008 11:12 PM


7/24/2008 11:17 PM

Guitar_frk wrote: lol thats what i was going to do that except black white and metalic purple... but i still want more ideas

ummm black and neon green

ride big or ride home

7/24/2008 11:21 PM

thats pretty cool


7/24/2008 11:52 PM

white gold gray and sparkly green

7/25/2008 8:39 AM

any other ideas


7/25/2008 9:42 AM


7/25/2008 9:45 AM

im getting neon orange on the frame and flat black on the rest of my parts. that or neon neon orange on the whole bike. any of aaron ross' colors would look sick haha i like black and purple too tho


7/25/2008 10:21 AM

nsaynebmx wrote: im doin raw and metallic purple

sounds awsome
put pics up?
my bikes purple fade to black fade to white

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7/25/2008 10:27 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/25/2008 10:27 AM

flat black

doctor i'm okay, but my bike's sick

7/25/2008 10:33 AM

do a matte or flat color it looks better and lasts longer
my friend did green and black and it doesn't look too good

7/25/2008 11:08 AM

My bike is flat black and red, and it looks pretty sweet. But if i ever got to try a different color scheme, I would do flat black/purple or flat black/blue.

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7/25/2008 11:11 AM

black and blue, black and red, black and orange...

7/25/2008 11:49 AM

Black, black, and black.

I awarded myself infinite cool points. Breaking the rules has never been this cool... EVER! Forever.

7/25/2008 12:06 PM

Zebra print.

I like Boobs.

7/25/2008 1:07 PM

scenebooking wrote: Zebra print.

i did that to the frame i just took off my bike


7/25/2008 1:27 PM

Flat gray(frame) with a good amount of white parts (fork/bars/crank/seat/brake) but make sure you got some chrome rims, polished sprocket, and a polished stem. If you can get silver hubs with white spokes... What ever you want man, but I think flat gray/white/and chrome or polished aluminum mix well on one complete bike, but I can't say that I've seen it. But trust me, it would look dope.

3/10/2009 4:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/10/2009 4:52 PM

will rawing your bike rust after a while? i need to know! plz!!!


3/10/2009 4:55 PM

Go HERE And choose your colours

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3/10/2009 5:23 PM

numpty13 wrote: will rawing your bike rust after a while? i need to know! plz!!!

if u dont cleacoat it then it will, and it wont take long to rust after it has been rawed

3/10/2009 5:45 PM

either black and green
black, purple, and blue

3/11/2009 4:25 AM

i have a question, can you still paint bikes that are chrome?
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