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3/31/2011 3:18 PM

Marshall T.
20 years old, sophomore at texas state university
been riding about 1.5 years, rode mountain bikes before i got a bmx
can't ride too hard thanks to a back surgery a few years back but i still love to shred as hard as possible

3/31/2011 3:40 PM

Alex S.
5' 2"
basically a shrimp.
I've been riding a little over a year.
fav tricks are t-bogs and griz-airs.

4/2/2011 7:08 PM

Rico G.
115 pounds
been riding for almost a year now
hey all

4/2/2011 7:16 PM

I didn't do this yet so I guess I'll do it now hwy guys I'm jason I'm from huntington beach I'm 30 and I ride or at least try to every day ive only really been back to riding since the end of january long story short I came from riding motocross and in 07 I put myself in a wheelchair and after a long recovery here I am

4/2/2011 7:24 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/9/2011 3:40 AM

Philipsburg PA.
5'6 and a smidgen.
120 Lbs.
Have a total of 4 BMX related concussions lol.
Ride an FBM HeathenV2.
Hate flat tricks, but hate park even more. I love to hit dirt kickers and just trails in general.
The BookFace

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4/3/2011 9:39 AM

been riding for 5 mouths now
been having too much fun

4/3/2011 10:54 AM

eod1214 wrote:

My names Eoin (pronounced Owen)
I'm gonna be 15 in December
I've been riding for a little over a year
Play guitar bass and drums
Do good in school
Love BMX.

Your name's Eoin too?! holy crap, awesome moment.

But yeah, I'm Eoin, im 15, only just started riding about a week ago but i love it, and i feel im coming on rightly. Live in the UK, play the guitar, like school for some reason.

Just ride.

4/4/2011 8:26 PM

Joined up today. I see there is at least one person as old as I am(in the same range it seems). I learned to ride in '80-81. Got my 1st bmx bike in '84.

I am a disabled veteran. I decided to get my new bike mainly for exercise. Plus now I can ride with my son(who is almost as old as some of you). He has a DiamondBack RM20.
Just like reading forums about some of the new tech these days. Simply amazing what some people are doing now.
I myself am sticking to the street(well here it is more like off road to most roads in the states. Streets here are horrendous). I will be keeping my head above my ass, unless I crash or get hit :D.

My bike is nothing special. A black HARO 300.1.
Looking around for some sites where I can get some better rims, tires & just parts in general. As the place I got the bike from does not carry parts. So even though it has a warranty, I would have to wait for them to get parts......a warranty is not that important.
Gotta stock up on tubes & tires(and get some decent rims). Would hate to wait 3 weeks just because of a flat.

Anyway. This looks to be a more laid back & happier forum compared to some. Already finding some great info.
See ya'll around.

4/4/2011 8:37 PM

Hi I'm Paulo, I ide a crappy haro, Been riding since sept. 08 mostly street and some park. I suck balls at riding I still can't get flat 3s '-__- and my stem bolt is rounded so I can't really switch my frame fork or stem out with anything new. It sucks, and I'm Asian! 5'10" 100 lbs, I eat non stop, and am too lazy to do stuff including ride. Hate me! Lol, mostly cuz I hate my haro. I can flat 3 on my friends bikes though lmao. Hmm maybe that means something.

you can call me Paulo...
*Vital's official Filipino!*

4/4/2011 8:38 PM

And I looovve cars, I drive a 2011 scion xb.

you can call me Paulo...
*Vital's official Filipino!*

4/4/2011 8:51 PM

Im Rod and I like to party.

Name is Peter, 15, 5'6 140 skinny guy with some muscle. Freshmen, hate school but Im in the highest classes possible. Waterpolo, Swim and ride bikes. Love to ride park and throw on pegs to throw in some creative lines. Enjoy going fast and as high as possible even though I can't go super high yet. 1.5 years riding.

4/4/2011 10:37 PM

kingshawty12 wrote:

And I looovve cars, I drive a 2011 scion xb.


4/9/2011 8:05 PM

Hey names Mitch raced bikes for 8 years im turning 18 and im in highschool. never really did any street riding but i am very interested so im throwing a bike together and getting into it.

"Of course theyre compatible theyre cranks"

4/9/2011 8:19 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/9/2011 8:21 PM

philip or whateva you wanna call me--im an epic flirt/partier, too well known, love to chill with my friends and most of all ride

16, 5'11", 150lbs, live in roseville, ca

ride till you drop (just make sure you can get home)

been riding since last august, street a lot, some park(not too many good ones), don't ride dirt

elite bike shop rocks!!

4/10/2011 4:41 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/10/2011 4:42 AM

My name is rafael .
I'm 15 .
From Porto, Portugal.
I've been riding for like 5 months .
Hate park love street .
I've got wtp Justice 2010 .
Hello :D

"no pain, no gain ."
"keep on riding until there are no stars in the sky."

4/11/2011 8:26 PM

Hey im Brendan 16
started riding this week
have almost no idea about bikes cause i bought a gt!!! but got some new bars atleast and gunna learn to ride street
cant get anough of bmx, im in love wit it

5/3/2011 5:20 PM

jake smith
i like street and park
im a noob
i ride a premium deathtrap
anything else?

5/6/2011 11:38 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/13/2011 11:17 AM

Ssup. I'm Jose, Venezuelan, 17 y/o. Future Commercial Pilot (Aviation).
I've been riding bicycles all life long (love it). Ride to live, live to ride.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude.

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5/6/2011 11:50 AM

catfish95 wrote:

I'm Luis. I'm 15 years old. Sophomore in High School. Umm riding for about a year collectively. Trails are my favorite thing by far, but i ride mostly street due to there hardly being trails here and they're far away from me. Eclat is where its at!
and im mexican haha

Omg I got a friend Raul who 's a mexican.. I literally thought he would be the only Mexican to RIDE BMX!!!

5/6/2011 12:07 PM

What's up, I'm Ronnie.
15.5 years old!
I Ride a FBM!
I been riding BMX for about a Year. I

5/6/2011 12:48 PM

FBMRIDER941 wrote:

What's up, I'm Ronnie.
15.5 years old!
I Ride a FBM!
I been riding BMX for about a Year. I

wow wtf i wrote way more than and it didn;t even post half of it!!! wtf i mean you ca obvisouly tell its unfinished with the " . I " right at the end wtf vital not cool and i dont feel like re-writing it

5/6/2011 1:28 PM
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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude.

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5/6/2011 2:19 PM

Matt Muldoon
19 years old
I ride a verde cartel
i have been riding now for about 4 years
I drive an audi A6 quatro Twin Turbo
I Like road TRIPSSSS!!!!

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5/21/2011 4:24 PM

well i guess im kinda late on this but here goes

my names brice im 21 i live in canada ive been riding off and on for about 10 or 11 years i took the last couple years off due to my bike being stolen and injuries just started riding again a couple months ago so bare with me when i ask stupid questions about parts and other things


nollie tailwhips
nose manual
nollie 540 cab try it its fun

5/22/2011 7:27 PM

hi im tyler im 15 and been riding for 3 weeks and im totally hooked looking to meet up with people in my area but mostly here to learn the ropes find out whats good or not and so on i im riding a verde eon right now hope to see you on the threads and on the street \ trails

5/22/2011 7:32 PM

probly as late as it gets....

6' ft 160lbs
riding for about 3 years seriously
like park, and some street

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5/25/2011 8:46 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/25/2011 11:37 AM

alrite my names Ricky Burrows im 21 from cheltenham UK ive only just got in 2 bmx just settin up my wethepeople recon whilst my broken collar bones recoverin cant wait 2 get started practisin any tips wud be a big help? umm i work as a panel beater 5ft 10 and 155lbs peaaaaceee!

6/6/2011 11:34 PM

Hey guys!

Names Jason, I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii. I'm 19 and i've started riding since 2007. I currently ride a S&M Cardona 20.5. Riding it for about a year now and I love it. I'll post my bike up soon on the bike check section.

S&M Cardona.RideHi.

6/7/2011 8:07 AM

hey I'm kris ive been riding about a year and a half but have been into bmx for about 5 i just never had a bike. i right now have a Felt manic street completely modded and i am 14 and am fat ..... hahaha

I have nothing against pegs at all, I don’t think you’re dumb if you ride pegs, I don’t care about your pegs, they are just pegs! What I do hate is the fact that every person in BMX hops on this bandwagon of three pegs, and beanies, and weed, and hop-over grinds… It’s just sad that the pros who influence kids are more worried about looking cool than the kids themselves! It’s crazy!-Trey Jones

6/7/2011 12:03 PM

I go by Jay/Jovan/Chadd most often but most people call whatever they want. I'm 23, 6', working on becoming a licensed aircraft mechanic, I currently work at Lowes. I've been riding for a few years now. I love Nac Nacs and Toboggans but I can't really do either. I ride pretty much every day but I don't have anyone to ride with and I need that peer pressure to make me push myself.
Drops and gaps are fun