Returning from Injury

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4/24/2014 1:21 AM

So I haven't rode since I broke my coccyx after hitting the roof of Corby on a flair a year or so ago and since then I've also dislocated my ankle playing rugby. I tried to go for a ride a couple of days ago and even hopping and stuff seems really hard all of a sudden and I keep thinking of what could go wrong, any tips to get past the mental barrier guys?

4/24/2014 1:32 AM

Time... Well I'm Afraid That's What Worked For Me! I Had Surgery On My Shoulder & It Took A Good Year Before I Was Ready To Ride Again & When I Got Back On A Bike, It Was MONTHS Before I Wanted To Try Anything. I Know Our Riding Styles Differ Greatly, But Once You Get That Yearning To Ride Again, Things Suddenly Don't Seem Like Such An Up Hill Battle! I've Been Off Again For Just Over A Year This Time. Well I Have Sports Physio Set Up To Build Up Some Muscle Again & Get Back To Being Fit! That's The One That Got Me! Lots Of Meds = Lots Of Weight Gain! Fucking Sucked Arse! I'm Nearly At Where I Should Be Now & I'm DYING To Ride Again! New Bike Is Nearly Finished! Waiting On Physio Again & I'll Be Off To Cornwall With Eddimundo In August & I Want To Be Hoping Wheel Height, Locking In Grinds & Manuals & Ready To Have A Blast Again!

You Just Need To Either Practice, Practice, Practice. Or The Complete Opposite! Build Up Some Frustration & Take It All Out In A Riding Sesh! That'll Soon Get Your Head Back In The Game! Picture Where You Were, Where You Want To Be & What You Want To Be Pulling, Aim Low To Start Off With, Things You KNOW You Can Do & Success Builds Confidence!

Good Luck!

4/24/2014 3:32 AM

Cheers man, I've been doing loads in the gym for rugby obviously but I think you got it that I've just gotta wait till it feels right again

4/24/2014 3:52 AM

Just start small, confidence will come back with time.

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