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getting rid of those things on the ledges

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2/19/2010 3:56 PM

ryanxanimalbmx wrote:

i was in there hospital awhile back for like a month or two i broke my back and all i;d do was stare out the window and look at all them spots i wanted to ride but never got a chance to go back, and stayfit city hall has them all over

njbmxerdude wrote:

u were prolly in Robert wood than, security comes out so fast there, u can grind like one rail and they are out, it sux

ryanxanimalbmx wrote:

yeah i was in robert wood and yeah haha there was such a nice marble ledge there ahah, but we should ride somtime you ever ride park?

na i only ride edison sometimes in the summer but street is where its at for me haha

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2/19/2010 4:02 PM

instead of grinding the ledge manual it no vandalism there

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