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11/8/2011 5:32 PM

has anybody ordered from this website, can I trust them

11/8/2011 5:33 PM

Never heard of them.

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11/8/2011 5:33 PM

yeah they're legit


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11/8/2011 5:34 PM


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11/8/2011 5:35 PM

yes, i ordered my cranks from them, and they have excellent customer service.

also, everything they have sent me has been express shipping! (2 day)

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11/8/2011 5:36 PM

s&m bikes wrote:

has anybody ordered from this website, can I trust them

yessir, great stuff excellent price

If you were a woman Id bash your skull =)

11/8/2011 5:40 PM

We need to get out more.

A victim of the in house drive by.

11/8/2011 5:42 PM

vein is a myth

11/8/2011 5:46 PM

Fondue wrote:

vein is a myth

how is it a myth

11/8/2011 5:57 PM

Veins great. i ordered forks off their with standard shipping and it got here in 2 days. Plus you get a shit ton of stickers.

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11/9/2011 9:19 AM

s&m bikes wrote:

has anybody ordered from this website, can I trust them

If it helps for you to feel more comfortable about ordering from, you can speak with a person here and place your order over the phone. We can be reached at 888-343-4776.

I'm curious as to why you would be hesitant from ordering on our online it the way something looks on the website? Is the payment options?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and Paypal. We are hear to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

I encourage you to read some of the reviews for each product you are interested in to give you an idea of our customer's order experiences with VeinBMX.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Customer Care @ VEIN BMX!!

Customer Care @ VEIN BMX!

11/9/2011 9:34 AM

ordered the phero. check it .... bike checks, amber phero

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11/9/2011 2:24 PM

def legit company

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11/10/2011 9:36 AM

I have ordered from them 4 different times. And everything is great. I love and the guys that answer questions are great.


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12/2/2011 5:34 PM

Hey everyone!
Right now, if you use promo code: FURM1 on, you get 15% if you spend over $50.
Get some awesome new parts! :D

12/2/2011 6:05 PM

anyone riding the Guerra Bane Forks?

12/2/2011 6:10 PM

catfish95 wrote:

yeah they're legit



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12/2/2011 6:26 PM

ya there great

12/2/2011 10:15 PM

theyre definitely legit... iust bought my bottom bracket, stem, and chain from there... i didnt get my free shirt with my order which was kinda disappointing... but defiantly dig the stuff i cant wait till i can ride it

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