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6/28/2014 9:17 AM
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I have a little problem with hop 360.
I can 360 tap 2 month ago, but cant made the full 360.
If i try to suck the back end up, i stop the spinning and i dont know where is the problem.
Here is a video to see how i made, the last one look a like a normal 360 i guess, but its randomly made it, and i cant reproduce. In this video i not jump too high, but if i jump high, the result is same.


Sorry for my english, i know its very bad but i hope you can understand me.

Thanks for the help!


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10/21/2015 6:52 PM

It looks like you're not tucking up at all. At around 180ish try to tuck the bike up


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10/21/2015 10:10 PM

Yeah, tuck/suck your whole body up. But make sure you level out and spot where you wanna land before you land.

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10/23/2015 7:28 AM

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