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10/7/2012 8:11 PM

Alright, i know i see people on facebook talk about what show they're watching or what show they can't live without...

So, Vital, what is YOUR show? Discuss your show with us, anything from what happened on recent episodes* to character and plot line discussions.

* please warn us before you discuss the full episode so you don't ruin it for the people who haven't seen it yet!!

10/7/2012 8:28 PM

Weeds is my shit. And parks and recreation is pretty awsome


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10/7/2012 8:37 PM

The Simpsons
King of the Hill
South Park
The Bondocks

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10/7/2012 8:40 PM

Family Guy
The Office

10/7/2012 8:44 PM

I never watch TV unless NRL (Football) is on, but I do tend to watch "episodes" on youtube, favourites are probably:

Ghost Adventures

10/7/2012 8:45 PM

well, i stay up late and the only good shit that's on is either something on Adult Swim, History, Discovery, TLC or TVland.

I like:
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Breaking Bad
Alaska State Troopers
Home Improvement
anything on Adult Swim
most shit on Histor/TLC/Discovery

i see people watch the "specialty" shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Vampire Diaries, Weeds, etc. I'm gonna start watching The Walking Dead and SOA soon.

10/7/2012 8:47 PM

pretty positive breaking bad is the best show ever..

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10/7/2012 8:52 PM

when it first started i didn't really watch it, like halfway through the 2nd season i watched 1 episode and then watched the whole prior season on Hulu or something. Ever since then i've watched just about every episode and if i can't catch it on TV i'll just get it off thepiratebay.

10/7/2012 9:03 PM


10/7/2012 10:59 PM

I don't watch too much tv but New season of Dexter started last week so I'll be on this for awhile, then when Walking Dead starts I'll mosey on over to that.

10/7/2012 11:23 PM

breaking bad, burn notice, criminal minds, white collar, weeds, hawaii five-0, spongebob, family guy, blue mountain state, hard times of rj berger.... yeah

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10/7/2012 11:59 PM

It's Always Sunny
South Park
The office
NatGeo Channel/Discovery

Im also a fan of Weeds too but the series is over now so i guess i can knock that off the list. Plan on getting into the walking dead, Breaking bad, and Sons of anarchy soon.

10/8/2012 12:31 AM

Star Wars: Clone Wars

10/8/2012 5:51 AM

My name is Earl, NBC are cunts for cancelling it half way through an episode.

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10/8/2012 6:15 AM

Dont really watch tv, but i have been watching breaking bad on netflix, im about halfway through season 2 still. Its pretty addicting to watch though.

10/8/2012 8:12 AM

Breaking bad
The walking dead
Alaskan state troopers
Yukon men
The office
Trailer park boyz
The simpsons

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10/8/2012 10:12 AM

I like:

The walking dead, new season starts the 14th...
anything on MTV
Sons of guns
Hardcore pawn, just cuz my friends dad works for them
anything on the Military channel
and a bunch of random shows...


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