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6/25/2010 10:45 PM

Over 30 and still riding wrote:

What would you like to see back in BMX, and what would you like to see leave BMX? And who are the older riders on vital?

bdk1313 wrote:

All the new trendy shit is just all the old shit coming around full circle.....Big bars, Plastic pedals and 2-piece cranks

pretty much everything is coming back. Tight pants, aviators, vans classics(idk if really classic or not) haahha

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7/12/2010 12:29 AM

haha my bike still weighs 33lbsand i love it.! even though im building a new deathtrap it was the closes to a heavy frame i could find and still be somewhat modern.

And WHERE WAS I?? when cutting your bars became UNCOOL? haha i find myself getting clowned on for not having 24in bars..!

8/29/2010 9:12 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/25/2010 12:37 AM

pinching your seat for barspins. it bugs the hell out of me to see poeple trying to learn them without a seat pinch. they keep falling and dont know why.take a guess

ride your damn bike

10/29/2010 3:58 PM

poser4life wrote:

Alex Triple Walls it's getting harder to find them, I weigh 190 lbs. and have tacoed so many double wall rims it's not even funny. I can't stand all the weight weenies driving this sport, I'd much rather have strength than save 2 lbs. I also can't stand the 2inch seat posts I don't need a foot but I don't like slamming my seat either. I do love that FBM is making custom frames so now the next time I need a new frame I can get closer to the old geometry.

i have an old alex triple wall 48 hole... but the kid i bought it from had a shop drill holes to save weight... got the wheel for 20 bucks

skooter... dont be a pussy

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11/25/2010 2:35 AM

I recently got back into it after a 20 year missing in action kinda thing. I sure miss the old style frames pre - 90's they weren't as top tube dropped as they are today. Another thing with todays stuff is that I don't under stand how bmx has gone so frame specific either. Today, I would need two bikes to do what I did back in the day. I think this divides kids into to 3 types of crowds. Walmart, freestyle, and flatland I guess its like computers, buy a Dell and your shooting yourself in the foot. Buy someones built junk and just over paid. Building it yourself and you get what you get. I still say the best all around bike is a mid 80s mongoose supergoose. Right behind it a GT Pro-performer. With a few updates,gyro,Alex supra j's, plegs, khe freecoaster

Search after search/ Sutff I dont like.
$$$ CNC chain wheels, most built for fad then built to last.
$$$ Stems, so thin I would'nt dare jump with, however some are of quality
$$$ plastic pedals.. I dont,
plastic seat tubes..I don't,
$$$ plastic seats....I don't.
$$$ chro-mo hollow cranks..I dont,
Needle bearings...I dont
Slammed seats...I dont
$$$ sloppy brake levers... I dont

12/21/2010 10:59 AM

OK so im 26 not as old as some of you guys but im very glad i found this thread i pray that its not over here either. Im not really looking for any thing to come back other than what a couple of you have already said frame variation and more selection in 14mm front hubs, the triple walls would be nice. I would however would like to see some originality in the riders these days they all seem to want the same color scheme and the same parts not because there good but because there whats in.

12/26/2010 5:42 PM

Drnwagn wrote:

13 year olds with attitudes! I can't believe their parents get away with that crap!

this i hate those little fags

1/22/2011 8:48 PM

I'm 33 and I still ride. I'm personally psyched about the current state of BMX, the bikes are nicer, and the amount of talent out there is fucking nuts! I've seen tricks in the last month that have blown my mind, peope couldn't have imagined this shit when I was a kid. (I got my first bmx when I was 3, I'm now 33, do the math.) I do wish there wasn't so much negativity in the sport though. Kids today are nasty. When I was young and you came across another rider, you went out of your way to meet them and hopefully ride with them. No one cared what your bike looked like or how much it weighed, as long as you rode, it was cool and I made some good friends and had a stupid amount of fun.

2/3/2011 6:52 PM

27 and i ride at least 3 days a week. took a couple years off cause i almost died. had some surgery and now im back....and weaker then ever hahaha oh well.

i dont care what trend is in i just want to see more people riding.

fear does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI!! pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?? NO SENSEI!! defeat! does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI!!

2/3/2011 8:15 PM

and when did top loads go out of style? someone said they are coming back, i didnt think they ever left.

fear does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI!! pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?? NO SENSEI!! defeat! does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI!!

2/3/2011 8:29 PM

another thing.....ever seen these peoples bikes in the bikecheck? like 45% dont have one ding on their bikes.

fear does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI!! pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?? NO SENSEI!! defeat! does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI!!

2/4/2011 9:50 AM

i just saw someone say somoeone else's bike wasnt clean because it had a seat and post with rails. showing the age of the poster should be mandatory on this forum.

fear does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI!! pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?? NO SENSEI!! defeat! does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI!!

2/5/2011 1:33 AM

ghozt.ryda.76 wrote:


One Time for the old ass n_____s that ride like the young n_____s !!! BMX All Day!!!

I went to google translator and used "Jive" to English translation. Try it. It's free.

2/7/2011 3:52 PM

Hey guys, I just got a BMX bike again, haven't ridden one since I was in junior high (I'm 40 now). I have always hated the way mountain bikes feel. Always thought BMX felt right but never thought about getting one. Then I said screw it. My neighbors laugh, ask me why I'm riding a kids bike. Whatever. I ride trails with it mostly. Just getting the hang of bunny hopping and jumping again.

2/14/2011 6:33 PM

I'm 44 and still riding now with my own boys. i would'nt change a thing. Whats with all you old fucks?

2/14/2011 11:47 PM

I'm 35 i try to ride every day... i miss my first haro..... i like that BMX has jumped to a new level, so many more ppl riding these days... i like my plastic petals, used to ride crupi triple traps,, seems like my shoes last longer now and it dont hurt to slip a peddle well not as much ha. i say damn the trends and politics and fuk what ppl think.. down with the skinny jean....

3/19/2011 12:21 PM

Just wanted to throw it out there I'm 30 just came back to riding again in january after not riding for 15 or twenty years sort of I left to pursue a motocross career and well I put myself in a wheelchair in 07 so yeah now I'm back

3/21/2011 10:14 PM

39 here and still riding.


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3/24/2011 9:02 PM

Any one looking for some NOS part's from the 80's? Hit me up,I got my self a old bike bike and I'll sale any thing for less than any Old school Ebay dealer!!

Here's just one small pic of some of the NOS

If you don't know me,then Shut the Fuck Up! I have my bike,were is yours??

4/22/2011 6:50 PM

HenHouseSuprise wrote:

another thing.....ever seen these peoples bikes in the bikecheck? like 45% dont have one ding on their bikes.

One of the things that I learned when I was younger was to not even look at my bike when I fall off doing a trick and it is bouncing away on the pavement.
Believe it or not, it looked cool.. And still does..
Recently I have been riding.. and I have messed up doing tricks, which sent my bike flying and bouncing around.. and people just stopped and looked as i casually walked over.. picked it up without even looking at it, and got back on and started to ride it..

I got worried for a second. I was in the off-topic section and everyone was talking about how they have drugs dealers in their middle school but they will never smoke weed, and how they are making bank because they get $8 an hour working in the back room of their local grocery store..

I am 28..
I back in about 1998 I was about to drop $600 on a Haro Dave Mirra Pro bike.. Everyone talked me out of it.. Its funny, because it has all of the stuff I still want now. U-brakes, threadless headset, 3-piece cranks, etc..
but they talked me out of it because I had just gotten a drivers license.. and wouldn't care about my bike anymore.
well.. they were right.. i kept my mongoose rogue freestyle bike... i moved it several times.. i in the back of my mind, i knew i didn't want to give it up.

i went to college and got my bike out once.. rode it for an hour and blew out the rear tube..
apparently i fixed it.. i don't even remember.. i vaguely remember going to a bike store in town.. but apparently the rest of the story, where i bought a tube, and fixed it, has been blurred from my memory due to all of my alcohol and drug abuse.. or studying hard, to get a piece of paper..

so.. i finally got my bike out after letting it rot away in a shed for several more years.. i pumped the tires up and the held air. i was amazed... the chain is rusted.. the bike is rusty.. i don't care.. i think people look at me funny because i am 260 lbs and 6 feet tall riding a "kids bike"...
everyone around here rides serious road bikes with carbon forks, and they have all the gear to match.. spandex shorts, flashing led lights on their bikes, etc..
or they are pulling their kid in a trailer behind their bike..

i haven't even looked at bike components though..

i see that dia-comp 990 U brakes are not used anymore, its all tektro.. (i am guessing they weighed less).
actually though, it looks many people are running brakeless..
the seat is all the way down.
they usually have no pegs..

it looks like there was a war between freestyle and bmx... and bmx won..

i do see however flatland has become more distinct however..
my friend started riding bikes with me recently.. and he decided to ditch his mountain bike and get a freestyle.. we scoped out craiglist, and he got a DK Opsis.. I was going to buy it, but decided not to because I have too much stuff.. my stuff owns me as much as I own it.. I need to downsize drastically.. in more ways than one..
i am really looking forward to hitting up this DK flatland bike though..

there is a huge push toward simplicity.. and saving weight..
DC is full of "hipsters" who ride fixies.. but they are using their bikes as a fashion accessory.. i don't think they get the caloric intake from PBR and Parliaments to even ride those bikes more than a mile...
The preceding sentence was just reinforcing negative stereotypes.. honestly, most of those "fixie" bikes are actually single speeds.. and only few them are used as just fashion accessories..
either way..
single speed.. no brakes... simplicity is a trend right now..
this might actually be a good thing.. in more a mindset way too, other than just with bikes..

but, i am still old school.. i want to put a gyro on my dirtjumper bike...
i also am looking into integrated rear hubs that have multiple speeds in the hub..
and, i want to replace the rear disk brake on my DJ bike..
if i do this, i am going try to put the front disk brake on my old school mongoose freestyle..
i already found a bike store that sells 20 inch wheels, pre built with front disk brake mounts.. (they are for those bikes where you sit in a beach chair with wheels on it and pedal.. no idea how to describe it.)
but they are single wall and 36 spoke... i am 260 lbs and not afraid to take my bike off a jump that is a few feet high..

4/28/2011 8:42 AM

45 here.
Still ride as much as possible between work and life...
Also run BMXNJ, the website, and magazine as well as brokenspokes BMX show.
I started in 1978 busting out on a Stingray and have ridden in every decade since then, been through all the changes back and forth and as Dennis McCoy said in JKOS, "it would have sucked to have been born 50 years ago or 50 years from now 'cause I would have missed out on all this."
I'm all about the local NJ scene and do what I can to promote it, help it, etc.

This is me just tabling last year...

25332_1387406441869_1133302927_1169295_1028736_n by brett_m_middaugh, on Flickr

Vid of my loonieness through the years....
Me through the years...

5/12/2011 10:29 AM

sweet table brett.

5/19/2011 9:40 PM

Little Devil!!!!!! I miss all that shit, clothes, stickers, but mainly the videos. Some of the best ever...Bring it back Derek, Orchid is fine, not going anywhere. Bring back the DEVIL!!!!

5/30/2011 12:10 PM

37 here. Still ridiing. Like all the new frame I like short chains stays.
Your never to old.

7/6/2011 1:57 PM

I am 46 and getting back into riding after a 20 year hiatus so I can ride with my 7 year old son. I have been riding a 26" BlkMrkt Mob dirt jumper since last year but wanted to try BMX again. I still have my old Redline RL20II but just got done building up a new Standard 250s. Of course I took it to the skatepark for the second time yesterday ,crashed really hard and have a purple softball sized lump on my tailbone and hip now. Crashing at 46 and 225 lbs hurts a lot more than at 17 and 145 lbs. But as soon as I can I will be back on the bike trying to relearn all the stuff I could once do and hopefully teaching my son some along the way.

I miss the diversity of the older bikes. Not that all of the designs were good but you did have some choices in design and geometry. These days, the only real differences are the colors and stickers. The upside of this is that there really aren't any crappy handling bikes these days.

I am not too fond of the current trends of slammed seats and no brakes. I wouldn't have been comfortable riding on a slammed seat at 15, and I sure am not comfortable with one 30 years later. I also find the trend of no brakes just silly. I got ran into just last week at the skatepark because a kid couldn't drag his feet enough to keep from t-boning me as I sat on the deck of the wedge ramp waiting my turn. But we had all kinds of fads when I was riding in high school too and most of them were just as about as stupid.


7/10/2011 5:10 AM

i'm a young vital nigga

vital's redneck

7/10/2011 5:17 AM

i'm 78....

8/8/2011 2:51 AM

The Emo Bitches Taking over this sport can go with all their weight saving, brakeless, plastic non-sense. I'd like to see the GT Mohawk Hubs make a come back Best wheelset I ever owned sealed 36H spun forever, but of course some cockstain stole my bike so I'll never see them again. Things like Tiny sprockets we use to joke about when ppl started to get like 36 and 39T ones, but it is kinda nice with the smaller gearing no problems there, but the fact that half the bikes I see for sale don't even have brake and the damn handle bars are Fuckin ENORMOUS and everything is plastic with a seat that's so far down it's practically pointless drive me INSANE. One other thing what the hell is the big deal with these "foldable tires"??? my Maxxis Tires work fine haha

8/8/2011 3:32 AM

Oh yeah and some Pitbull Brakes!!!!

8/8/2011 6:38 AM

rant and a half!!

It's an Eastern, and it's fucking awesome.