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Creaking Noise in my Cranks!

6/25/2014 11:23 PM

Hello again, everyone! Thanks for coming here :D

So I have this creaking sound from my cranks/bottom bracket. What do I do in order to fix it? About every 180 degrees I pedal forwards and backwards, there is a creak. Could my cranks just be too tight/lose? Also, I am very sure it's the cranks because I swapped pedals just to make sure it wasn't them creating the creak.

Thanks guys!

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6/26/2014 8:47 PM

I'd say you need to take off you cranks and regrease your bb

7/15/2014 11:57 AM

Exactly what BradBMXs said. Take those things apart and grease em up!

7/15/2014 3:20 PM

Nice usage of the pic/video section!

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