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4/21/2013 3:41 PM

This has been bugging me ever since I joined. I was wondering can you guys fit the " e " in my username with the rest of my name and not let it start a new line. I just hate seeing the e by itself.

Ex: ToEndTheRapture

Not: ToEndTheRaptur

Summer rustles my jimmies (:

4/21/2013 9:17 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2013 9:30 PM

Mods cant.You can send the admid in the top thread a e mail and see if they can.

4/24/2013 10:42 AM

That just has to do with the set width on that column that displays user information.
Unfortunately some names are greater than that set width, so the names are forced to display on the following line.

5/24/2013 12:07 AM

i read your thing, looked at your name, and laughed my ass off

skooter... dont be a pussy

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8/21/2013 12:59 AM

You could change the To, to a 2 if you want to keep it one line.

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