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Fayetteville NC

4/7/2012 4:18 PM

So I was here almost 2 years ago looking for the scene in Fayetteville... Then I deployed... Then I had a few surgeries... Then I sold my bike. I'm ordering a new bike this week and even though im going for a 26" bike i still plan on trying to tear up everything in sight, assuming i still can. Whose riding out here? I know most of the spots and see people out in downtown and hope mills once in a while. Is double decker still open or still free for mil on mondays?

7/29/2012 10:15 AM

we're out here

7/29/2012 10:15 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/29/2012 10:16 AM

7/29/2012 5:27 PM

Daniel Wood wrote:

Gayest song ever.

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3/26/2014 2:11 PM

Daniel Wood wrote: we're out here

you guys still riding in fayetteville?
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