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crunkcore 13
What music do you listen to when riding? 6
What do you listen to when you ride? AND A CHALLENGE! 7
Tyga, lil wayne, jay z, eminem 24
Pity Rock 0
punk fucking punk 22
Alt rock and indie rock bands 11
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Any good riding music? 27
good riding music 8
Banger Music 1
One Direction is the best band ever. 7
Heres some legit music to listen to 0
OG dubstep thread 252
Harder Rap? 38
R.I.P. Mitch Lucker 6
Promote your music. 7
I Need riding music 2
Pierce the Veil 53
Riding Music? 42
Bars On Me 5
Converge-All We Love We Leave Behind (new record streaming for free and in full on youtube) 2
Hardcore/metalcore 30
Eagle Claw 0