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Stefan Lantschner Bike Check
Fly Bikes dude Stefan Lantschner just built up a fresh Fly Montana setup... Just like Stefan's style of riding, his bike has a ton of steeze too.
Everyone hates paying shipping fees, so Dan's Comp are giving you an incentive to buy more goodies for your bike. Free shipping is now available to anyone on all orders over $100. This means you no longer need to search the web for any promotional codes.
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Old B'sterds BMX Jam, Flo Skatepark - May 4th
If you're over 30, live in England, and ride a BMX (which we are hoping you do if you visit this site) you need to head to Flo Skatepark in Nottingham for the Old B'sterds jam.
Ryan Taylor off Hyper
We got a call from Ryan Taylor today telling us that he is no longer riding for Hyper Bike co. He's currently working on something and has been for the past six months. We are excited to see what is going to happen and it should be announced anytime
Photo: Scott Pattenden
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Transfer Jam - 27th of April
Transfer Store in Worcester are holding a jam this Sunday at Perdiswell Skatepark. If you're in the area, make sure you head on down.
Want you jam to be mentioned? Just drop us an email.
Troy Blair Bike Check
Fit put together this bike check of Troy Blair and his 21" Dugan frame stacked with Fit parts. Flip through to see the full run-down and peep a few rad riding photos.
Apple Valley Skatepark 3-Year Anniversary Jam
Corey Furmage played a big part in the push to get bikes allowed at the Apple Valley skatepark. If you live anywhere in the High Desert area, be sure to make it out on Wednesday at 2pm for one hell of a celebration session.
Josh Clemens On Volume
Josh Clemens just scored a well-deserved spot on the Volume AM team. Look at that ice!
Gary Young Bike Check
Gary Young has jumped on the brakeless with 3 pegs boat with his newest Sunday Soundwave setup. As usual his ride is decked out in Odyssey components and meant to handle some serious business.
Chad Johnston Bike Check
Take a look at the personal ride of S&M pro and pegless flatland genius Chad Johnston.

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