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Justin Care off Colony
Justin Care has officially parted ways with Colony. He dropped the news this morning via his Instagram. Here’s what he had to say - “ After a year and a half with Colony, I will no longer be apart of the team. With so many great friends on board, ... more »
This is your final chance to gain a place to ride at this years NASS contest. Held at Rampworx skatepark in Liverpool, this park has everything to cater to your styles. So don't complain that you did not get to ride at NASS if you do not turn up to the
... more »
Johnny Devlin Bike Check
Johnny Devlin is easily one of the most talented bike riders I've had the pleasure of being on trips with. His unique approach to not only riding, but life as well is something I've always admired. Get a look at Johnny's new set up featuring ... more »
Jack Dumper on Crucial BMX
Jack Dumper has been getting hooked up by Crucial for a while, but he has officially gotten the bump to the full-blown team. Here’s the official word - "While this is all going on Jack is constantly improving his skills, we have always 'flowed' ... more »
House Park is Flooded
If you looked at Instagram today, chances are you caught a glimpse of one of the most famous skateparks in the world - House Park in Austin, TX - completely flooded. Pretty nuts. No word on if these crazy floods will effect X-Games, which is going down ... more »
Josh Perry Bike Check
Josh Perry has a bike check up on his personal Daily Brainstorms, featuring really nice photos of his ride and some insight on what he likes in a bike and more. Click to view. Incase you missed it, be sure to check out the Life After a Brain Tumor" feature we did ... more »
Justin Spriet on Odyssey
Remember the secret new rider Odyssey was hyping up? Well, it has been revealed. Justin Spriet has joined the team. Rejoice!
DeMarcus Paul off Merritt
San Diego transplant / Volume pro / all around great guy DeMarcus Paul has officially parted ways with Merritt. Here's his official word - " I have decided to part ways with Merritt. Really want to thank Mike and Sean for everything that they've ... more »
Odyssey California Shop Tour
Odyssey is hitting three shops in SoCal next week. Stop by and meet the
Stay Strong Raffle to Support Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray is an amazing human being. After taking one of the worst crashes in the history of BMX and having his life altered dramatically, he remains positive, productive, and an integral part of the BMX dirt jumping scene. It's no secret ... more »

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