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Ken Saito on Demolition
19-year-old Japanese shredder Ken Saito is now getting hooked up by Demolition via Motocross International. Take a peek at his current setup and a quick interview on the Demolition site by clicking here.
Connor Lodes on Kink
Remember a few weeks ago we announced that Connor Lodes parted ways with Premium? Well, this is why. Connor has officially joined Kink's pro team. According to the Kink dudes, Connor has some signature products and a trip to Barcelona on the horizon, so I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more ... more »
For You, Frankie Blue
Frankie Leggens, better known as Frankie Blue amongst the BMX community, was killed in a motorcycle accident while driving home from Red Bull Dreamline this past weekend. Though Frankie Blue may not have been a household name around the globe, ... more »
Evolve Action Sports Park Opening in Denver, CO
Coloradans rejoice - your winter is about to get a lot more manageable. Evolve Action Sports Park will be opening this fall. Read the official press release and check out the layout below! Evolve Action Sports Park is pleased to announce ... more »
Ryan Nyquist Wins Red Bull Dreamline
We'll have much more on this soon, but for now, here is your top three from Red Bull Dreamline - 1. Ryan Nyquist 2. James Foster 3. Kyle Baldock
Zeal Ghetto Jam Is Back
The Zeal Ghetto jam is back for another weekend of DIY antics reminiscent of the old days. Make sure you get along to this as last year looked like so much fun.
Demarcus Paul Bike Check
Learn all about Demarcus Paul's personal setup which is centered around a 21" Volume Bermuda V2 in his signature flat olive colorway.
Ben Hucke Art Show - 10/9 in Portland, OR
Live in Portland? Like art? Like free beer? You should go to this. Ben has been killing the art game as of late and this is his first formal show. It’s time to party! ... more »
Garrett Reynolds Wins Vital BMX Game of BIKE: Street
Vital BMX Game of BIKE: Street went down today at Hollenbeck Plaza in Los Angeles. We saw sixteen of the best street riders in the world throw down insane tricks and combos, but it was Garrett Reynolds who emerged victorious after taking out ... more »
kunstform?! Team Updates
kunstform?! BMX Shop have just updated their team pages on their website and its got all the information you need. This shop has one of the best teams in Europe. Check it out here http://www.kunstform.org/en/bmx-team-nc-14

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