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Dean Hearne Leaves United
Well this seems to be coming straight out of left field. Deane Hearne has decided to leave his position of 8+ years at 4Down / United in search of "a new adventure...without really knowing what that next chapter will be". Best of luck
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Jeff Kocsis on United
The Jersey native has left Macneil and found himself a new home with United. Hopefully this means we'll be seeing more of Jeff's smooth and stylish, spot-oriented style of riding. Peep his new bike here, and a short interview here.
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Michael Beran Back On 34R
After parting ways with KHE a few weeks back, Michael Beran has now found himself back on 34R.
Churchdown Jam - NASS Qualifier
Churchdown skatepark is holding a jam on the 10th of May. It's also doubling up as another stop on the road to NASS and will allow one lucky rider a spot to compete at NASS.
Churchdown NASS Qualifier
More details available on the Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/633547093400430/633547353400404
Stonehouse Skatepark Opening Jam - NASS QUALIFIER
Stonehouse Skatepark is opening tomorrow and it is also doubling up as a NASS qualifier.  Kicking off at 11am and finishing at 3pm this is a chance for you to ride a brand new park, win some prizes, and be in with the chance of winning a place to
Stonehouse Jam
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Flo Skatepark Closes
It's a sad day for the Nottingham scene. Flo skatepark has decided to close it's doors. Facing rising competition and a lack of support from the local scene, they were not making enough money to stay open. This park has featured a host of videos and ... more »
Stacked BMX Shop Grand Opening / Jam
Larry Alvarado's Stacked BMX Shop is holding a jam for it's grand opening this Saturday, May 3rd at 3pm. There are a ton of sponsoring brands, which usually means there are going to be some giveaways... Be sure to make it out if you live anywhere near the Riverside,
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Tony Malouf Bike Check
Learn all about Tony Malouf's BSD Wherizona setup on the BSD site after the jump.
BMX-Shop.com HUGE Frame Clearout Sale
Amazing frame deals
BMX-Shop.com are running a huge frame clearout sale and the prices on some of these frames is actually rediculous. You can pick up frames for as low as £59.99! How about a brand new Failure Maniac frame? Well that is only £99.99. ... more »
Volume in SLC - Day 2 Update
Tate Roskelly, DeMarcus Paul, and Mike Mastroni continue their adventures through Salt Lake City, Utah... Searching for The Finer Things and stacking clips for the upcoming DVD. That GIF of Tate is way too good.

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