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Nowhere Fast Soundtrack
Dig BMX has a cool feature up giving you the capability of listening to the entire soundtrack of one of BMX's most classic videos, Nowhere Fast, released in 2000 on VHS. If you're not familiar with this video, then please do your research ... more »
Bruno Hoffmann Interview on Breaks Mag
Breaks Mag has an interview up with Bruno Hoffmann. Bruno talks about how he got into riding, sponsors, where he resides, and more.
Dan Lacey Injured
While in Israel filming for Monster last week, Dan Lacey dislocated his ankle. UK doctors were surprised to see it dislocated as badly as it was with no break. Dan plans to take a break for a little while with hopes it will not need further ... more »
Matt Cordova Off Haro
Matt Cordova is no longer riding for Haro. No word on his next move, but we'll keep you posted as more information becomes available.
Push It to 11 - The Bits of Baco at Wisconsin Film Festival
Baco's 80 minute documentary has made it's way into the prestigious 2015 Wisconsin Film Festival. For those of you who have not seen this or unfamiliar with how big of a role Baco has played in BMX, then here is your chance to find out. There will also be Q&A
... more »
The Kitchen Pro-Am + Girls Contest
Stop number three of The Battle for Midwest Series and the fourth annual Kitchen Pro/Am + Girls Class contest is going down next weekend, March 21st - 22nd. I attended the first two stops and they were a blast. I'm sure this one is going to be no different!
... more »
Chris Harti Bike Check
Chris Harti has a bike check up over on the Fit site featuring his yet-to-be-named signature frame. Click to view the rest of Chris's bike and action shots of him boosting some jumps.
Shane Weston Bike Check
Freecoaster technician Shane Weston recently built up a ride decked out with a bunch of new Eclat parts. Click for the details.
Kriss Kyle on Fuse Protection
Kriss Kyle will now be riding for Fuse Protection in 2015. Visit the Fuse site to check out a few dialed riding shots of Kriss, along with a Q&A and some of his recent web videos.
Dak Bike Check
Dakota Roche recently built up a new bike equipped with his signature Dak frame that's available now and new seat that will be due out next month. Hit the Cult site to see the full bike check.

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