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Raphael Jeroma-Williams Bike Check
Subrosa gives you an up-close look at Raphael Jeroma-Williams' limited edition colorway of their new Villicus Prime II frame. Check it out here.
Michael Beran Off KHE Bikes
After a year and a half with KHE Bikes, Michael Beran has decided to take things in a different direction. Here's his official statement. " It was amazing time to cooperate with big company like this. KHE Bikes did a really good job during whole year
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The Wheel Mill 1 Year Anniversary Jam
Pittsburgh, PA's The Wheel Mill is celebrating their 1 year anniversary on Saturday April, 26th with a big jam. If you're going to be in the area then be sure to stop by!
Nathan Sykes on Colony
SoCal transplant Nathan Sykes has found himself a home on Colony. Click here to get their official statement, plus some rad photos of Nathan and his new whip.
Raul Ruiz Bike Check
Check out the WeThePeoplePatron setup that Raul Ruiz was on during their Trippin' North excursion.
Chris Doyle - West vs East Interview
Demolition sat Chris Doyle down to talk about all things East Coast vs West Coast. From dirt vs clay, to dealing with the pressures of being out west on a "work trip", Doyle fills you in.
Product Blog: Total BMX Hubs Sneak Peak
Total BMX has dropped a sneak peek at their new hubs that are set to be released in the Autumn. They are currently unnamed, but the will come in the following colours: purple haze, chrome, and black. Rumour has it, they will also be releasing the long-awaited
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Anthony Perrin Bike Check
Anthony Perrin has a bike check over on the Éclat site where you can get an up close look at his Federal Bruno Hoffman setup stacked with Éclat parts.
Troy Hayward on Kunstform Rookie
German BMX mailorder Kunstform is expanding its reach even more and is has picked up their fourth English rider in the form of Troy Hayward and he is their first member of their new Rookie team.
Aaron Ross Bike Check
This is probably the first time many of you have seen Aaron Ross on a bike that isn't brighter than the sun, but it's still a dope setup and that splatter paint is lookin' fresh! Bike check courtesy of Sunday Bikes.

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