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Haro Brian Blyther Tribute Bikes
Haro Bikes has announced they are releasing a Brian Blyther 1985 FST tribute bike in May. Brian Blyther was one of BMX freestyle's top riders in the 80's. Click here to view more photos of the bikes, a kick ass photo of Brian airing a cement bowl, and ... more »
A Look into Colin MacKay's Haro
BMX Union dropped a Colin MacKay bike check showing you what he chooses to ride. There is also a Q&A where Colin talks about using brakes, what's new with Haro Bikes, riding in contests, spending time behind the lens, and more. Click to view.
Ask Drew Bezanson + Catfish Questions
Take part in a live Q&A at one of BMX's biggest contests of the year, Simple Session. You're invited this Friday to join both Drew and Catfish as they will be answering your questions during the contest. Click here to find out all the details of how to get your questions in!
Spinner Offers $10k For 1080 or Quad Whip by Wade or Whitton
Well, a Twitter beef (spearheaded by Spinner, it seems) has lead to a hell of a call out. I will donate $10k to charity (their choice) if @texasmwade or @AliWhitton13 lands a quadwhip or 1080 on a real box in the next 30 days. — Mike Spinner (@MikeSpinner) April 13, 2015 ... more »
Mariano Santiago on Mutiny
Photo by Albert Mercado, taken from Mariano's Instagram - @MarianoSantiago
This connection happened a few months back, but Mutiny just formally announced it on their Instagram. The super-creative Mariano Santiago is officially on Mutiny. He's currently with the crew on his first team trip. I'm sure we'll be seeing what ... more »
Q&A: Chirs Hallman/Tread Magazine
Defgrip has a great Q&A feature with Chris Hallman, the creator of the mid-90's Tread Magazine. Tread had a short life of four issues, but still played an important part in BMX history. Click here to find out why, along with an abundance of information ... more »
Drew Bezanson DK Bicycles Edit
DK Bicycles has gone live with their new Drew Bezanson edit and it is completely ridiculous! Drew destroys a little bit of everything across the globe from street, ramps, and dirt. Click here to watch the video.
Fat Tony Starts a Podcast
Fat Tony has launched his latest venture, The Expansion Project Podcast. The idea behind it is to have casual and in-depth conversations with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, coaches, and more in hopes of expanding his mind, as well as the listeners, while ... more »
Darryl Nau on S&M
Darryl Nau , BMX lifer and voice of some of the largest action sports events, is now representing S&M Bikes. "Two hands coming together make a wonderful sound, so lets give it up for the newest member of the Shield Squad, Darryl Nau. Enterprising ... more »
Kink Turn Down the Suck Tour
The Kink BMX team is hitting the road this month in California for their "Turn Down the Suck" tour. Check the flier for all the details on when and where! I love seeing brands do this type of thing.

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