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Las Vegas Video
My homie Ryan Gaivan just sent over this video he made of some of the local boys riding some spots around Las Vegas. Check it out!
Mutiny Introduces Randy Taylor Frame
Mutiny posted some info and some pictures of Randy Taylor's new signature frame, The Loosefer. It won't be out until September, but you can get all of the info today! Click here to check it out.
Dew Tour Dirt Results; Nyquist Wins
The dirt final at the Dew Tour just finished up and here are the top three results: 1. Ryan Nyquist 2. James Foster 3. Cam White Nyquist did two tricks never done at a Dew Tour before; the 720-double-barspin and the cannonball-double-barspin.
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New UGP Line
UGP's Fall/Winter '08 line is going to drop in around a month and they recently posted a Lookbook so you can check out some of the new stuff. Click here to check it out.
Donnacha Carroll Video/Q&A
4Down posted this video and a Q&A with Donnacha Carroll from his world travels. Click here to check 'em out.
Dew Tour Vert Results; Bestwick Wins
The vert final at the Dew Tour just finished up and here are the top three results: 1. Jamie Bestwick 2. Chad Kagy 3. Simon Tabron This goes to reassure that Jamie Bestwick is hands-down the best vert rider in the world.
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Kings Rideshop Video
Lil' Tammy rides for this shop but doesn't make an appearance in this video. I was kind of bummed about that, but it's still pretty sweet. Click here to check out the Kings Rideshop site.
Big Daddy Meets Dave Mirra Video
Big Daddy meeting Dave Mirra and showing him a few stunts courtesy of BNQT.
Dew Tour Update
Today was the first official day of the first stop of the Dew Tour. Vert and dirt prelims went down and here are the line ups for finals courtesy of AST's site. Dirt Prelim Results 1. Corey Bohan 2. Diogo Canina 3. James Foster 4. Josh Hult 5. Cory Nastazio
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Matt Wakefield Photos From Ride UK
Matt Wakefield has an interview in the latest issue of Ride UK and they recently posted a bunch of leftover photos from it on their site. Click here to check 'em out.

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